Feels hot and humid

This September has been hotter than usual, the trade winds have been almost nonexistent. We certainly picked a good year to add air conditioning, we have been quite comfortable, unlike many of our neighbors.

We just acquired new neighbors, our former neighbor, Judy died while we were on the mainland. The new folks are an older retired couple, their daughter, son-in-law, a 4 year old, and a 9 month old. Quite a few people for a 3 bedroom house. They came from Washington State and are renting from the owners. They brought a large container and are struggling to get all the “stuff” in the house. A large number of boxes still reside in their car port. They seem to be friendly, at least more outgoing than the previous tenant.
Seal duty has been slow this week, 4DP hauled out at Kiahuna and W06 at Lawai Beach but otherwise it’s been quiet. Donna returned on Friday so we invited her and Tree over for dinner that evening. We enjoyed getting caught up since she has been gone for over two months.
Sunday Peter took me to Waiohai with his standup paddle boards. One of my desires when we moved here was to master the SUP and Sunday was my chance. It is much more difficult in surf than in Lake Wingra, but….finally I managed to stay up for some time, now I need to master going with the waves, against the waves feels pretty comfortable.
The week ended with a baby shower, for Jamie and his wife Brooke, Jamie is the NOAA head of our seal program and their baby is due next week. Gifts had seal and bird leanings, bird because Brooke is involved with endangered bird rescue. We had a super time. Brooke and Jamie at the shower.

And here is W06, what a cutie.

Comet has been supervising Charlie’s in the office, you can tell he is very vigilant.



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