Home again

After a nice trip back to Madtown it’s good to be home. The week has been slow in that only one seal, pilikea, hauled out and he came up late afternoon to settle on the island at Poipu. I put up a sign on the main beach, then left. Charlie and I returned at dusk to take the sign down. We got a call late Thursday from Jamie, the NOAA seal coordinator. He indicated that there were reports of a seal hanging out on the NaPali coast that was possibly injured, possibly a spinal injury from a boat. Jamie asked us to join him on a rescue mission the next morning, taking a zodiac from the south shore at 7am. The next morning we were just about to leave the house when we got a text message putting the trip on hold. We had been having heavy rains, and there was a small craft warning for the morning. After an hour the trip was postponed, perhaps till Monday. Later in the day the cruise boats did not observe a seal in the same area. So we’ll have to wait to see if a trip develops.

Our air conditioning installation was completed, but a small refrigerant leak was detected, resulting in daily visits from the installers until it was operational. It took several visits, but it looks like we’re now operating correctly.

The house next door is in transition – the renter died while we were in Madtown. The owner of the house came on Friday and we got to meet him for the first time since we moved here. He let us know that they’re hoping to move here, but it will still be a year or two. And they have new renters coming the first of the month. This is a retired couple, plus one of their children with their family. So 6 in all, with two children, the youngest being 4 months old. Six people in a small house – sounds like a challenge.

On Friday, we took a couple of beers down to the “wall” to watch the sunset. We haven’t done that since last spring, as the sun has been setting behind Niihau since then. When the sun sets further to the south, as it does in the winter, we can see it as it sets into the ocean horizon. And watching to see if there’s an infamous ‘green flash’ is part of the attraction of being a ‘wall nut’. Of course just sitting on the wall, watching the surf, having a glass of wine (or other beverage), and talking to the multitudes of visitors doing the same thing is quite pleasant! And of course in a couple of months we’ll add whale watching to that list. .

Another event this week was the outdoor free movie held at the Marriott in Lihue at Nawiliwili harbor. The Marriott puts up an inflatable screen, probably about 8′ x 12′. We met Peter and Kathy there with a carry out sandwich. Great fun enjoying the oceanfront while watching a movie. It reminded me of the free movies we attended in Clifton, Wisconsin when I was a kid. The whole family would go, the kids would run around and the adults would have their cocktails. It wasn’t quite like a drive in later, where you stayed in the car. The movie this week was Rio 2, an animated movie. I took a couple of pictures, here’s one of the main character ‘Blu’ on a branch.

Sunday ended with a onslaught of 3 seals, 4DF, W06 and an unknown male. 4DF was new seal for us, she is from Oahu and we don’t know who the male is since he has no distinguishing scars, we spent 4 hours on the beach for the first time in quite a while. It did feel good to feel the sand between my toes.
Peter, Charlie and I went to visit the new Koloa solar field less than a mile from us. There are about 44000 panels providing about 18% of Kauai Island Utility while the sun shines and KIUC is planning to provide about 50% by 2020. Charlie and Peter spent at least a half hour quizzing the CEO of the utility. It is quite an impressive facility.


They also spent time talking with one of the engineers at the one of the inverters.



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