Crowds are down

It seems that school is imminent on the mainland, and the beach crowds are down here. The number of children especially has diminished. After a busy summer, we’re glad to see the numbers dwindle.

K31, a large seal, hauled out at Waiohai beach on Monday. He hasn’t been up for quite some time on this side of the island. But seal behavior is not predictable – we hadn’t seen K31 for months, then he showed up for one day, and was gone again. And then there are seals like W06 and 4DP, who seem like they never leave, coming back day after day for weeks. And then they disappear. So, unpredictable.

We had three days off this week, the seals are someplace else, good thing too, since we are having air conditioning installed this week, and needed to be home during the day. Most of the time AC isn’t necessary, but, especially for sleeping, there are days when it would be welcome.

The Kauai marathon was held this Sunday so we volunteered to work an aid station. The morning dawned very warm with no wind. The course is quite hilly which coupled with the temperature and humidity, made it very difficult. The marathon is very small compared to many that we’ve run so the course isn’t crowded. It also isn’t very fast, the winner, a woman Nicole Chyr, ran 3:00:24. This was the first time that a woman was the overall winner. The scenery is awesome, a real rave run.

Our group before our first runner.


Our smaller group, Kathy, Joanie and Charlie.


The first runner.


Poor Hayley, we changed our cat food last month because both cats were getting a little portly. Unfortunately, Hayley did not take to the new food even though we introduced it gradually. We had noticed that she wasn’t eating much, but on Thursday and Friday she seemed really sluggish. Saturday morning we took her in to the vet, he noticed that she was jaundiced, yellow ears and eyes indicating some liver compromise. She had also lost a lot of weight, at least 3 lbs. she evidently was starving and it was fortunate that we took her in when we did. We discovered that sometimes cats refuse to eat for various reasons and it puts them into an enzyme emergency. We felt terrible that we hadn’t done something earlier but we had thought that she had perhaps eaten one of the ubiquitous geckos and was feeling poorly (that had happened before). Consequently, Hayley was hospitalized in order to get her fluid level up and to get some nutrition into her. She is to be released on Tuesday, but will have a feeding tube in her up to 4 weeks, or until she will eat again on her own. We are all missing her terribly.

Labor Day morning we did our usual beach survey at Poipu. We noticed the coast guard helicopter circling over the area, and heard later that they found the body of a diver who disappeared during a night dive. We haven’t heard any details on what happened, or how the diver became separated from the two other divers. Too many people drown here – and it’s not that unusual. Last year 17 people drown in Kauai waters.
Here is the last mile of the marathon.



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