Looking east….again

This year is supposed to be a bigger hurricane season and we have two more tropical storms off Mexico that we are now watching, in the meantime it’s been fairly warm and humid though tolerable with the trades. Kathy and I visited Alicia on Monday (I wrote about her last week and her surfing accident). She was extremely lucky that she wasn’t paralyzed from her accident, she is staying at her dad’s house since she is in a neck brace and can’t get around real well. In three weeks she’ll be checked in Oahu and will then know how long to expect to be laid up.

Charlie and I had no seal calls for three days, a welcome relief. Tuesday our old friend 4DP returned, she’s no problem since she usually leaves by noon, she didn’t disappoint. She’s looking pretty large, I wouldn’t be surprised if she were pregnant. Most seals give birth in early to mid summer, but that’s not always a certainty. I guess we wait and see. Thursday she came back but left by 10 am. But then W06 hauled out at 1 so the day became quite full. At least the view of W06 and the beach isn’t hard to take. Lovely!

Note picture of 4DP she looks pretty fat, and Mimi, our vet thinks that she just might be pregnant, I guess she had a pup late last year, in November or December,

IMG_1536.JPG which would mean that she should give birth at about the same time this year.

Friday we had some more sad news, in that a young seal, between 1 and 2 years old, was found dead on the east shore. This is a seal that we don’t know, because it stays on the east side of the island. But sad to hear that it died. A necropsy will be completed to try to determine a cause of death.

Kauai Farm Bureau had it’s annual 4H fair this weekend, so Friday night we conducted two missions.
1. Our utility was giving out free LED bulbs, so Charlie decided to participate. This was the third giveaway, we had missed the previous 2 because of seal duty, so it was our last chance. He had noticed the the lines were very long for the previous events so we planned to get there early. They had all been at 6 pm except the local newspaper said this one would be at 5pm. We planned to attend the county fair at six so we got to Kukui Grove shopping center at 4:30 pm. 5 pm came and went and the line kept getting longer. Kauai time is typically late but we were getting rather impatient by 5:30. Charlie and Peter got in line, with lots of others. There was a little grumbling but surprisingly little when we discovered that the newspaper had made a mistake, the giveaway was to be at 6pm, like the previous ones. The picture of the lines below were taken around 5:30, by 6 pm the lines were huge.


2. We went to the fair with Peter and Kathy right after the LED event. It was a blast, just like a Wisconsin county fair with one major exception……there was no beer tent ……jumpin’ Jehoshaphat ! There were goats and lambs however, and like most fairs, hundreds of teenagers.

And there was a midway

It was still a typical fair, though, all the teens were preening around each other and the Keiki were screaming on the rides. No cream puffs, but malasadas. There was a variety of different ethnic foods since Kauai was populated, due to the sugar cane plantations, with a large variety of nationalities. The food highlight was the gourmet chefs competition in which numerous hotel and restaurant chefs created their specialties. Of course, since it’s an election year, all the politicians had to put an appearance in.
We still needed a complete fair experience so we adjourned to the local Kauai Island Brewery and rounded out the evening.

I had a call while we were In Lihue, that a seal had hauled out at Poipu. My reaction was, “fine, put signs up and leave her”. Of course, she was still there at 6:30 am on Saturday morning, and we roped her off until she decided to go for a swim around 11 am. We followed her around until she decided to haul out in the Keiki pool. We have strict instructions to let the seal “bosses” know when this happens because of concern that a child might be injured. So after clearance from Oahu, we proceeded (that is Charlie and Jamie) to use crowding boards and yells of Bonzai! to chase her back into the water. Hopefully to train her (this is W06) to stay out of the Keiki pool. We returned home only to get a call at 5 pm that there was a seal at Waiohai…..W06…..again back to Poipu (the Waiohai side of the beach). With so many of our south shore volunteers on the mainland, we are called frequently. In fact, we put over 7 hours in on Saturday….whew! Good thing we’re highly paid!

The last couple of weeks we’ve also experienced a lot of our green parrots gathering in the mango trees across the road from us. Unfortunately we didn’t get any pictures, but it’s been quite a scene as the parrots flock around the ripening mangoes.


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