Back to normal

It’s almost back to normal, we still have high surf but Julio is blocking our trade winds so it feels hot and humid. The good news has been that the seals have been staying away from Poipu, which is the busiest beach and where we need constant coverage when a seal is there. K30 was on the rocks one day and W06 came up Wednesday evening at Waiohai, but they’ve stayed away from Poipu. A welcome break. We also had a meeting with our two seal program managers this week to fashion a protocol to relieve us from being on call every day. So as of now, I will be the south shore coordinator M- F, but not on the weekends. As coordinator, you have to call other volunteers to watch the seals when they come on the beach. But of course we will still be doing the seal baby sitting as well. But we can take the weekends off when desired.

I’m back running though I’m only up to 2.5 miles, my ankles and feet are still sore so I’m not pushing it. My running route is through the arid Hapa trail and the cacti blooming are a distraction, I think the all the rain from Iselle encouraged them to bloom. They are awesome.



While we’re settling back ‘into normal’, all eyes are still on the Pacific. Another storm was brewing in the eastern Pacific, as well as in the central Pacific area. The first storm looks as if it’s dying out. But it’s a constant vigil during the summer.

Friends Kathy and Peter returned from California Friday. That night the four of us went to Joanie’s and Doug’s for dinner. It was a fun night, and we stayed out way past our bedtime!

Our friend, Alicia, Kalavia’s mom, was surfing Friday at Poli Hale when a large wave lifted her and jammed her head into the sand. She was evacuated to Oahu with possible neck and back injuries. The last we heard she was up and walking so it sounds like she’ll be ok, the ocean is unforgiving, many tourists don’t respect her. Alicia has surfed all her life so even experienced locals can be injured. And we just heard that she has a broken neck, and will be in a neck brace for months. Alicia works as a waitress at the Honu bar at the Waiohai resort. We think that it will be weeks before she will be able to work again. The recent storms caused high surf all around the island. This also increased the number of rescues that the life guards had to perform. And a good number of those were similar to what happened to Alicia – high surf slamming people into the bottom. Alicia was fortunate it wasn’t worse. And Poli Hale is a remote beach without lifeguards. Fortunately one of the people she was with was an off duty firefighter and he helped stabilize her. And called 911. Again, she was lucky.

It’s been quite warm and muggy this week, but finally on Saturday the trades returned. Rumor has it that Julio blocked the trades on his way northeast. So we escaped Iselle and Julio without problems. And only a few more months of hurricane season to go!


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