It’s Summer

It’s hard to believe but this is our second summer in Kauai. So far it has been less muggy and hot than last year. The weather has been perfect, just ask Hayley and Comet, we haven’t even had to shave them. We had one seal haul out Wednesday, he stayed on the beach for about 24 hours. We were there first, about 6 am, and roped him off. Donna came down shortly thereafter, and we went home for breakfast. We returned later, and spent 5-8 pm with him. We returned first thing in the morning, about 5:20 am, and re-arranged the signs and put up the ropes. I went back to the car to get my beach chair, and returned to the beach, just in time to see him leave at 5:30 am.

We watched the sunset at Waiohai Wednesday while listening to Hawaiian music and watching hula. The expressiveness and the grace of a hula dancer no matter the age or size never ceases to amaze me.


We had a gift certificate for Keoki’s Paradise so the two of us had dinner on the lanai. The view from our table included a stunning crimson Royal Poinsiana tree.


Pilikea showed up at Poipu on Thursday, we haven’t seen him for a couple of months, it was good to see him. He is one of our dominant south shore males, called Pilikea (trouble in Hawaiian ) because of his propensity to cruise the shore checking for “chicks”.

Saturday we attended training for election officials, I had worked the polls in Middleton for a number of years and both of us decided to work them here. It is quite interesting to see the differences and similarities in different states. It is very structured in both states though one major difference is that we are sequestered in Hawaii……for 12.5 hours, we can’t even leave to eat, we must bring our lunch. We have to be at the polling place at 5:30 am, but luckily, our assignment is in the neighborhood center right next door. No phones allowed, but like Middleton, no political stickers on either our car or ourselves. In fact, because our house is less than 200 feet from the polling place, we also can’t have yard signs.

We heard that we had another seal birth Friday night/Saturday morning at Larsen’s beach. I hope that on Monday I’ll be able to get rid of my walking-boot, and be allowed to wear regular footwear. I’m anxious to go see the pups. I’ve gone with Charlie a couple of times over the past two weeks for south shore seal duty, where I don’t have to walk very far. But I still get a boot full of sand, so getting rid of the boot will be nice!

Saturday afternoon we attended a beach barbeque – there were about 14 or 16 people, including our neighbors Kathy and Peter, and Doug and Joanie. Plus some of Joanie’s extended family and friends. Interestingly enough, it’s fascinating to observe the regional differences in language, we would call a barbecue a cookout in Wisconsin, at first I thought that it was going to be food with a tomato barbecue sauce, however, we had no tomato sauce on any of the grilled food. But, like Wisconsin, we had plenty of beer.

Kathy and Charlie at Brennecke’s Beach.

The week ended with one day of muggy weather, but the trades are predicted to return in the next couple of days. Now all I need is good news Monday and permission to remove my boot and start rehab.


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