The Days are Just Packed

After a quiet weekend, no seals up, we received a call first thing Monday morning that there was a seal at Lawai Beach. So we rushed down to ID her, it was 4DP, and we ended spending all morning there. I was inordinately vigilant, as can be seen below.


If you look closely, you can see 4DP in the background in the above picture. As can be seen, I’m keeping a close watch on her!

Hayley also shows the stress of a busy week.


So, it was a pretty quiet week. We only had two seals on the south shore this week – much different than last summer, when we had one or more every day. The second seal of the week was at the Hyatt, 6FQ, a subadult. We hadn’t seen this seal before. We spent several hours sitting in one of the Hyatt’s porch swings, able to watch the seal from our luxury setting. We also had other events to watch: two weddings that were occurring on the beach; people jumping off Shipwreck cliff into the ocean; and the Surfriders beach clean up taking place.

All in all it was one of the quieter weeks, which was nice as we did some much needed yard work. I was so excited with my orchids that I tried a month ago to tie one to a palm tree off our lanai. Much to my surprise, it has done well, in fact it has even bloomed again. With our humidity, plants thrive here.



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