It’s been a slow week in Lake Wobegon, I mean Kauai. Finally! Sometimes it seems that we are just running from beach to beach on seal duty. And the rest of our lives are squeezed in the gaps. This Wednesday and Thursday Donna went to Oahu, meaning that I was the south shore seal coordinator. Being in a walking boot is not conducive to beach activity, so I was hoping our seals would be considerate and go somewhere else for a couple of days. And sometimes we just luck out – we didn’t have any seals until Donna got back! It was nice to have a couple of days off!

The weather right now embodies the reputation of Kauai as “Paradise”, it couldn’t be nicer. It’s in the low 80’s, rain and cool at night, and the trades are blowing, keeping the temperature very comfortable, love it! It also seems that every flowering tree is showing off, trying to out-flower it’s neighbor. And everything grows quickly, which means that we have weekly trips to the green waste site to dispose of our week’s growth:


the bougainvillea is a perfect example of the blooms right now.

The end of the week found Charlie pup-sitting on the north shore. PK1 is just being weaned, his mom left on Wednesday, came back for a little time on Thursday, then left for good. All the pups look almost as big as the moms, they grow so fast, 5 lbs a day, it’s amazing.



During Friday’s pup sitting, a nest of turtle eggs was found, partially washed out by the tide.


Perry is uncovering the eggs to put them into a bucket to transport them to their new home. The nest is full of white, leathery eggs,a little larger than chicken eggs. The eggs aren’t brittle, and many have indentations from being next to other eggs.

the new site needs to be dug deep enough to accommodate the 70 eggs, then the eggs have to be replaced in the same order as in the original nest. Plus they have to be in the same orientation, in other words, we have to keep the same side up in the nest. Above Charlie and Gary are placing the eggs in the new nest.

Mission Accomplished. Now we wait for about 2 months for their return, at night, to the sea.
On the same day Perry and Charlie saw one of the albatrosses nesting in the area. Pretty interesting. They’re also protected, but dogs have been a serious problem. They attack and kill the young birds in their nest.

The pictures were taken with a telephoto lens so the bird isn’t disturbed.

We ended the week with an outdoor barbeque that was completed inside since it poured just as we were setting up. After dinner we watched a taped PBS program, Under the Street Lamp. This is the same group of guys who were in the Broadway performance of Jersey Boys. The music inspired some of our friends to dance.




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