New Season

I have always thought that I would miss the change in seasons if I should live in the tropics. However, I have discovered that there is still a change in seasons here but it is more subtle. Right now many trees that looked quite ordinary all winter are blooming. An example is the Gold Tree. It blooms with the most magnificent yellow flowers and drops them all within a few days, coving the ground with golden petals.

The rainbow shower trees lining the bypass road are another example. The flowers can be white, yellow or red.

The plumeria lose all their leaves in the winter but now they are blooming and new leaves are sprouting, we dug up the following tree and moved it. I didn’t think that it would make it, only one root was left, but it seems to be thriving.

Friday I received the best news of the week, my foot is healing well and hooray, I got to get rid of the crutches. The prospect of wearing a boot for the next 3 weeks is not daunting in the least, I am just so happy to be done with crutches.

Another of the other trees that blooms now is the Monkeypod tree, it loses all of its leaves just before spring and now it produces a very delicate pink flower as it re-leafs.

It is also one of the prettiest shaped trees in Hawaii.

It’s hard to believe that it has such ugly seed pods, which are also a huge nuisance.

Charlie spent two stints of pup sitting this week and K30’s baby PK3 is growing quickly and starting to fill out. It must be K30’s rich milk. Note the pup’s mouth. A classic ‘got milk’ picture! K30 is still huge but she’ll lose weight as her pup gains.


hallelujah I got to spend 3 hours on the beach with 4DP on Sunday. It was so gratifying to be able to go down there, it’s been over three weeks. It was also a gorgeous day, high of about 80 and a nice wind from the NE. Life is good.


2 thoughts on “New Season

  1. Hi Sue,
    The trees look wonderful and beautiful, thinking of you today. Glad to see you are getting around a bit more. Glad to hear the cruches are going away too!

    • Thanks for the comment Amanda, sorry I had to get on another computer to respond, thus the delayed response. Foot is getting better every day, hopefully, I’ll be able to run fairly soon.

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