Busy pup week

The trades are back….finally, and though we’ve had rain every day, it’s been incredibly pleasant because the rain showers are short-lived and then the sun reappears.

Donna took me out for lunch one day, I guess she was feeling sorry for me. And one evening five of us went to dinner, our friend Ruth regaled us with stories and pictures of her recent trip to Zambia. It sounded pretty awesome! In fact she is talking about moving there and working as a nurse. We would hate to see her leave, but also sorry because she has been our cat sitter when we’re off-island. Kathy also took me to the Kauai Pool club that she belongs too – she was also feeling sorry for me. I took my pool running vest (a swimming vest that allows someone to run in a swimming pool), and was all excited about getting some running in even with a broken foot. Much to my dismay, the maximum pool depth is only 4 feet, so I was too tall for it, and wasn’t able to do it. But it was nice just being in the pool, even though I felt like a slug.

This week has been pretty busy at the pup beach (this is all second hand, since I can’t get there because of my broken foot). One day there was a total of 9 seals on the beach, including the two new pups. It’s really unusual to see seals together, but the males are out looking for the females. I miss going up to pup sit on the north shore, especially since my favorite seal, K30, showed up to give birth on the same beach Thursday. K30 is the matriarch on the south shore, she is the 14 year old survivor with a large shark bite scar on her side, an entanglement scar around her neck, propellor scars on her belly, and several cookie cutter shark scars on her back. We thought that she would pup last year but she didn’t, so we are so excited now and hoping that it’s a girl. So far three new pups on Kauai this spring. Here’s a picture of K30’s newest pup:

And mother and pup:

20140530-154850.jpgYou can certainly see all the scars on K30.

We had a nice evening out on Friday with Peter, Kathy, Joanie, and Doug at our local Italian/wine bar restaurant here in Koloa. Even though it’s within walking distance of our house, I still can’t walk that far with crutches. I’m getting progressively stronger but still have a ways to go. The calluses on my hands need to thicken a bit, but finally the shoulders don’t ache as much. By the time I’m off the crutches my hands, arms and shoulders will be strong, but my legs will be weak from not running. Bummer……

It’s now June, which marks the start of hurricane season. We’re hoping for a repeat of last year, with no hurricanes hitting our island. June also marks the start of BON dance season, which is a celebration at the Buddhist missionaries on the island. We went to the one here in Koloa last year, and we’re looking forward to going again. Each missionary picks a weekend to hold their event, so these go on for almost two and a half months. June also marks the start of the summer vacation season, which means that the number of tourists on the island will increase drastically. In the past, we’d always visited during the winter, when the weather in Wisconsin is cold and challenging. It seems funny that so many people come here during the summer. Oh well, only three months, and then it will slow down again. And I should be back to running again! Yippee!

The rain this week provided a nice rainbow at the Waiohai, with some surfers in the distance.


And yet the days have been quite sunny, as seen in this photo taken from the Shipwreck beach trail:



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