One week down, 5-7 to go

It’s been a tough week, getting used to crutches, the good news is that I’m working on my upper body strength. By the end of the week I was starting to feel stronger. I had my hopes up that I’d be able to get a walking boot, and I did, however, they won’t let me use it that way. I’m supposed to keep all the weight off, since the fracture occurred when the tendon on the outside of the ankle pulled the bone apart and since there is little blood going to the site, it can take a long time to heal.

Big news here, we have two new additions to shopping on the island, both were big hits and both had grand openings this week. One is Sports Authority and the second Pier One, they also both had record breaking crowds for the first day. Just another reminder that ‘it’s a small island’!

Another item of interest was that the Hyatt announced they would be running the remodeled historic Coco Palms. It’s been closed for 21 years, since Hurricane Iniki destroyed the buildings. This is the site of many movies (Esther Williams’, Elvis Presley etc.) and even some recent movies (some scenes of Johnny Depp in Pirates of the Caribbean) were shot there. The facilities have lain in ruins since Iniki in 1992, quite the eye sore. But it looks like it now will be renovated. It’s on the east shore, where there are daily traffic problems. One can only imagine what this means for future traffic issues.

We’ve noticed also that this is pothole season, they evidently aren’t only a product of freezing and thawing, Charlie still can’t understand why the roads are so bad here. Actually, he thinks that pothole season lasts all year.

Kona winds have been stubbornly hanging on this week and it has felt hot and muggy, rather uncomfortable during daytime hours. And the end of the week brought several days of cloudy rainy weather. We’re looking forward to the trade winds returning soon!

Good news this week is that one of the seals that gave birth last year has returned and given birth to our 2nd pup of the year, PK2, close to where PK1 is.

So Charlie gets to pup sit a second one without me, bummer! We still expect 3 more births, so hopefully I’ll be able to participate in sitting with one on a beach that is more accessible to me. I hope I’ll be able to put weight on the foot soon – next doctor’s appointment is still 2 weeks away.

Our neighbor Peter finally returned from the mainland, after being gone over 2.5 months. We got together a couple of times, including drinks and pupus (appetizers) at the Marriott on Thursday and then dinner at Keoki’s on Saturday. We also got to spend more time with the little kitten they’re watching for some people who are off-island. He’s really cute, plus very energetic. Oh too be young again!!!


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