Just call me gimpy

We were on the beach last week when we heard that the power was out in our area. As it turned out, the power was out for over two hours on the whole island. But it didn’t really affect us, since it happened on a sunny day, and our solar system kept everything running. So another benefit of our solar system.

This week has started out differently. We spent Monday pup sitting, spending 3 hours on the beach and returning home in late afternoon. Tuesday was spent working on the yard. Wednesday morning we got up early to check the beach, we planned to go to a May Day program at the elementary school. Charlie went down to Poipu to check the beach and I started running down the trail to meet him. The road, as all roads on Kauai, has no shoulder and the pavement drops off abruptly. I was trotting along on the side of the road, when I saw three cars coming from three different directions, so stepped off the side. My right foot hit the edge and I tumbled to the pavement. Of course when one of the drivers stopped and asked me if I was OK, I answered “fine”, even though I had blood running down my leg and I was limping. So, I quit running and started walking back home, calling Charlie as I walked. We both decided to go to immediate care to get it checked. Below is the result.

20140514-175020.jpgI fractured the fifth metatarsal in my right foot, I’ll be laid up for 6 to 8 weeks. I need to see the orthopedic surgeon, to see if I’ll need a cast. So far I just have a temporary splint. Plus a removable splint for my left wrist, which was slightly sprained. It will be really difficult to patrol the beach on crutches!

And Royden had just given me my first surf lesson last week, I guess lesson two will be a while.


The timing for being injured is never good, and that’s certainly the case here. Thursday I had an upper GI and colonoscopy scheduled, which meant that I’d be making lots of trips to the toilet on my crutches. And my pup sitting and seal work is over for several weeks. Pup sitting especially, since this tends to be on remote and difficult to get to beaches. Bummer…..
Kathy cooked dinner for us on Friday, a Kailua pork, it was so nice and Charlie bonded with Blue, a kitten that Kathy is keeping while the owner is on the mainland. Blue is a real sweetie that thinks Charlie is the greatest.

20140517-110009.jpgSaturday was the islands-wide Monk Seal count, and our beach for three hours was from the isolated beach, Mahaulepu all the way to Shipwreck beach, a Rocky and sandy 3 mile hike. Unfortunately, the trip wasn’t conducive to walking with crutches, so Charlie was on his own. The goal is to count all the seals found during that three hour window, each person or group was to check the shores on all of the main Hawaiian islands at the same time.

Charlie also had to pup sit by himself, since I can’t hike over rocks, down hills, and on sand for 2+miles on crutches. Pup and mom were fine, and he talked for awhile with some man on the beach. He left after a while, and when another seal volunteer approached, Charlie asked him if he knew the fellow. He was amused, when the volunteer stated the name and then said, “I wish he would wear pants rather than a shirt”. Charlie felt the same way! You meet all kinds on that beach.

We did hear some sad news this week. One of the seals that we’ve seen frequently on our beaches died on Oahu. We haven’t heard any details yet. This is a seal who came up on our beaches over the winter with a fresh cookie cutter shark bite. He stayed on the beach for several days recovering from the wound, and all of the volunteers developed an attachment to him. Sad to know that he’s gone.

On Sunday the Kona winds returned, making the air feel like summer, muggy and hazy, though the haze is vog from the eruptions on the Big Island. Every time the wind switches to the SE, we get muggy, voggy air and high surf. It is supposed to change mid week, back to our pleasant trade winds.


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