Is it summer already?

The trades have died so warm air and vog from the Big Island is seeping into Kauai. This causes it to feel rather muggy, even though the temps are only a few degrees warmer than usual, around 84 degrees.

Donna took a quick trip to Oahu, so we’re on call for seals. Monday no seals appeared so we had a chance to do some yard work and a chance to visit Home Depot to buy plywood. We decided that we should be ready in case a hurricane should come, it’s been 21 years since the last one (Iniki) so we decided to be prepared. We bought a number of plywood sheets and cut them to fit some of our windows, we will need another trip to get the rest. The biggest issue was, where to put them. Our house isn’t that large and we have next to no storage, but since our house is built a few feet above the ground we stowed them under it. They are out of the way but available if needed.

Wednesday, was our monthly seal meeting, held at the community college. While these are monthly meetings, we haven’t had one in three months. And this meeting was billed as ‘very important’. We had two NOAA staff at the meeting, coordinators for the fish and wildlife programs at NOAA. They talked a lot about the current seal activities in the main islands as well as in the north west islands. But the biggest news was spontaneous, that morning we had our first seal pup born on the island this year. Obviously this was coincidental to the meeting. And now volunteer activities will have to ramp up, as ‘pup sitting’ demands more volunteer time. Following the meeting, Donna, Tree, Charlie and I went to Kauai Pasta for dinner, and to review the evening’s meeting.

We signed up for pup sitting shifts right away and on Friday got our first glimpse of the new baby PK1.



Only 2 days old, it is just learning where to get its lunch. Since it is the first pup of the season and ours was one of the first shifts, we had a number of seal volunteers show up just to see the new pup. It was a good time though each shift involves about 7 hours (officially a 3 hour shift, but about an hour and a half car ride and a half hour walk on the beach just to get to where she is).

That same day W06 came up at Poipu about 2:30 but we didn’t have to go down then, however at 6 am Saturday we went down to the beach and she was still there, so we spent another 5 hours at Poipu in two different shifts (6 am to 8 am, then 10 am to 1 pm). Thus is the challenge when half of our volunteers are off island. Another challenge on Saturday was the outrigger races that started and finished at Poipu, many colorful outriggers as well as colorful tourists.



Luckily, W06 was unfazed by all of the commotion. And the paddlers were all very understanding, in that they had to go around the seal and couldn’t displace her.

In case you wondered why we are so charmed by these creatures below is a picture of a young seal that just appeared on our island, sound asleep on the beach.

One of our excursions was up to a “glass beach” at Hanapepe to check for seals, it was next to a Portuguese and Japanese cemetery. We spent time just looking at gravestones completely forgetting about the seals for a while. The gravestones are badly worn, but the Japanese characters are quite obvious. The view from the site was awesome!

20140511-185907.jpg The week ended Sunday with volunteering at the Mother’s Day open house at the tropical gardens. I arrived at 9 to discover my corner, it was magical. After three hours in the rainforest and a quick lunch, I spent 3 more hours watching K30 at Poipu beach….busy, busy week.



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