The whales are gone

Every week we’ve seen fewer and fewer whales, it seems that they are all on their way to Alaska. We’ve had a few seals coming in, but not a lot. We expect that to change soon.

The yard is shaping up and we are seeing flowers that we haven’t seen since last year.


On Thursday, we had to drive into Lihue when we discovered that Charlie’s cell phone is susceptible to the heart bleed virus and there was no fix yet. So we spent a couple of hours there, stopped at Costco on the return and got a call that there were two seals at Mahaulepu, could we go out and set signs. I packed a quick picnic lunch and we trucked on out there. Several volunteers are off island so only Donna, Charlie, and I were available, Donna had to take someone to the airport, so we spent the next 4 hours out there. It is a beautiful spot so it was no hardship. The seal was 1KY, the one I had helped tag a few weeks ago. She is fairly young, and a little skittish. We noticed a crescent-shaped cut on her chest that was oozing a little blood so we called it in to the central number. We will be observing it until it seems healed.;


Donna relieved us so we went home only to get another call within 20 minutes that W06 was at Poipu. After 3 more hours there, finally Millie, a volunteer that we hadn’t seen for some time, appeared and relieved us around 7:30pm. We spent 7 hours on the beach that day.

The next morning we again checked Poipu and W06 still hadn’t gone in at 6:00 am, so we spent another 3 hours there. So much for few seal on the beach!

We were struck this week by the fact that seeing a monk seal in the wild is so exciting for visitors, and we see them so frequently, that sometimes we don’t appreciate how special it is. The seals have become so second nature to us, we don’t get excited. But that may soon change, as we’re expecting up to 6 seal pups being born soon. They may not all give birth on Kauai, but we should still have our hands full soon.

The week was capped off with a dinner party at some friends, with the opportunity to meet some new people. The wine was great! Though we probably should have imbibed less.

We also had a new first this week – we harvested our first papaya! And the tree is full of them, so we’ll be having papayas for most breakfasts.




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