A Week of Trades

This week, started and looks like it will finish with strong trade winds, it seems that both the seals and turtles would rather stay at sea than on shore.
Luck was with us when Monday, a representative from The Kauai Community College’s culinary program called to let us know that there had been a cancellation for one of the school’s “fine dining lunchs” on Tuesday, were we available? This program continues, during the winter, for weeks and the students cook and serve gourmet dinners on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. It is usually sold out, so we were happy to experience it. We had a choice of three appetizers, three entrees, and three desserts. These students will be going to many of the Hawaiian hotels and restaurants and they did a fantastic job.

This week marks our one year anniversary in Kauai. It’s been quite a year, as we’ve made lots of changes to the house and yard, while adjusting to life on a small Pacific island. We’ve made some good friends, stayed busy with volunteer activities, and enjoyed the visits of friends. So on to year two.

After picking Kathy up at the airport, we met a Madison couple, Tom and Karen, friends of our former neighbors, the Rashkes, for lunch and to give some pointers on what to see. On the spur of the moment, we invited them for dinner Saturday evening. And of course Kathy was there too – sort of a standing invitation for her. We had a wonderful evening comparing notes about Madison and discovering we had some mutual friends.

Thursday night eight of us went to dinner at Kilohuna Plantation. Donna owed us dinner and drinks (this has been on-going for a while, long story…..), so she paid for us and two others. Apparently she owed them too! It was a fun group, including Millie, a former astronaut who flew on the Discovery space ship; an older couple Peter and Jan Stern (he was a former network TV executive and we know them from volunteer work at EKK); Daisy, a Chinese/Canadian qigong instructor; Tree Cloud, one of our seal volunteers and full- blooded Cree Indian, and an other lady who we just met. Very stimulating conversations over great food, followed by Lilikoi cheesecake!

Sunday was capped off when I went to a qigong workshop. Daisy, a friend of Donna’s, who we met at the museum benefit is a qigong master and she was offering a workshop on Sunday. The studio is inland from Kapaa, a tropical rainforest, in a lovely setting. Her workshop was for women only, so Donna and I drove up to participate. Qigong is an ancient Chinese exercise of which tai chi is an offshoot. It consists of breathing, movement, massage and chanting designed to optimize your energy. We spent three hours, along with about 8 other women. It was fascinating. Daisy is Chinese/Canadian and she travels all over the world holding workshops. She is leaving this week for Honolulu, on to Germany, Poland, Spain, Australia, and Thailand.


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