We are celebrating our first Easter here, not much planned though for Easter Sunday. We sent Kathy off to California on Wednesday and though we had two seals and two turtles up at Poipu on Tuesday, the rest of the week has been pretty quiet. Plans are being made for the annual seal count, which will be May 17th. For those of us who live(d) in the Madison area, May 17th is known as Syttende Mai, the Norwegian day of independence, which is celebrated by the 20 mile run from Madison to Stoughton. After 30 years of running the race, it looks like I’m done competing in the race.

We received an email from the seal group this week which indicated that we may have have multiple seal pup births this summer, maybe as many as five. Last year there were two on Kauai, and those two consumed huge numbers of volunteer hours. It may be a challenging summer!

We got our first mangos for the season, but they are still green, we have them stowed in a paper bag in order to ripen. We’ve been anticipating the Hayden mangoes – they were fantastic last year.

Melissa and Owen, our neighbors, welcomed Xavier, a brother to Archer, this week. He is a darling, dark haired boy, we got to meet him already. Melissa is French Canadian, and Archer already is bilingual, so we’re sure Xavier will follow suit.

Charlie gained a new partner while mowing the lawn this week (see below)

These guys like to follow mowers, not only in our yard, but also along the roadsides. They’re a little different than the robins back in Wisconsin!

The winds remained over 20 MPH early in the week, but diminished some by Thursday. The temperatures have been extremely pleasant, cool nights, and comfortable days. It reminds us daily why we moved here.

Miguel, the Mexican food truck, and the Thai truck have added an open air dining room in the parking lot practically next door. They’ve had the picnic tables, but just this week added the green roofed canopies. We are adding class to the neighborhood.

A first this week was, while we were checking the beach, we observed a male and a female turtle wrestling in the surf we then realized that they were mating…..pretty cool. This picture is the ‘after’ picture, where they each smoke a cigarette and ask each other if they felt the earth move (well, sea in this case). But after a quick good hug, they’re off on their own.


And just had to add a picture of one of our garden helpers – their duties include insect and fly control.


Late in the week we decided to go to a local steak house, Kaleheo Steak House, on Sunday to listen to music and have dinner. This was truly local, almost no tourists. It reminded me of Riley Tavern or any local Wisconsin bar, with the exception that rather than shaking hands when meeting, everyone hugs, much less restrained than in the Midwest, where everyone keeps their distance. We met a bunch of locals, including the former police chief and his wife. She was only drinking water, so he could drink beer. It was thoroughly enjoyable and the locals were extremely welcoming to us. The atmosphere is western and the music a mix of western and Hawaiian. And in addition to music, they interspersed raunchy jokes between songs. And they were quite funny! The group is pictured below.;



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