April Showers

April began with shower after shower, we certainly have had a lot of rain in the past week. Wall nut season is now over, and the last of our Canadian acquaintances are leaving. A few mainland stragglers are left, but it’s time to move into spring. The sun now sets further north, putting it behind the island of Ni’ihau. So there isn’t a magical sunset to worship every night with a glass of wine. Or two. And no ‘green flash’ as the sun disappears into the ocean.

Without home improvement projects, we’re settling into a new norm. Although we did end up with a couple of unexpected projects this week. Some friends hurriedly left the island, and weren’t able to sell their car before leaving. They asked if we could do them a huge favor and sell it. But it had to be taken in for an estimate first to replace the broken/missing sun roof. As it turns out, the title wasn’t signed in the right place and we couldn’t sell it anyway. At the repair shop we learned that the sunroof has been discontinued so the repair company is looking for a junk replacement. It also seems that Mary, like so many who are trying to sell a vehicle, way over estimated the value of the vehicle. Not something we wanted to get stuck with.

We were also left with a huge amount of coins – apparently they’ve been hoarding coins for years. So we took them into the bank for counting and depositing. Plus a lot if Canadian coins, which the bank won’t touch. So trying to do a favor appears to be going down the migraine headache path.

We picked up Kathy at the airport Wednesday, then delayed for an hour or so to wait for Jen and Mary to arrive for their departure flight. Kathy wanted to see them before they left the island. Following that, we went home and showed Kathy our ‘new’ kitchen and bathrooms. Now she wants a new kitchen. Peter will not be happy with us!

Saturday dawned beautiful after all the rain over the week. We both volunteered at a concert at the National Tropical Garden, celebrating the Garden’s fiftieth anniversary. I worked the entrance and ticket area and Charlie helped man a monk seal response booth. The artists were all well known Hawaiian singers, slack key guitarists, and ukulele players, from all the islands. It was a big fund raiser, although the audience had to sit in the open air in the sun. Not everyone was pleased, especially at $95 a person.





Saturday also saw a large memorial service for Aunty Stella at Poipu beach. She was an Hawaiian icon, loved by hundreds of Hawaiian culture aficionados, as well as locals. She was also the culture icon at the Grand Hyatt and surely will be missed. Our seal kumu and teacher at the Island school, Sabra, provided the blessings for both the Aunty Stella and the Tropical Garden events. The blessings each consist of a haunting chant in the Hawaiian language, extremely touching. I wish we had a recording and translation, Sabra has such a wonderful voice and the chants are so mesmerizing.



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