The end of projects

This past week marked the termination of our major projects, the granite vanity tops and new faucets were installed. Yippee! Now we’re just going to sit back, drink our gin and tonics, and relax.

Over the past month the seal activity on the south shore dropped to near zero. This past week though it again picked up, and we spent a fair amount of time on the beach. The seal duties are fairly consistent, putting up ropes and signs to give the seal(s) an SPZ (seal protective zone). But Monday we participated in the tagging of a relatively young transplant to Kauai. V01 is a 2 or 3 year old female, presumably from Ni’ihau. Even though she was on a relatively busy beach, the program coordinators decided to go ahead and tag her. Eight of us gathered on the beach, and developed a game plan and assignments. Four members suited up in overalls and gloves, while the others had crowd control duties. I was to act as ‘circulating nurse’ for the veterinarian. The program coordinator led us into the SPZ, and he had the head net that is used to hold the seal’s head (and to try to prevent us from getting bitten!). Two other guys try to pin the seal’s body down and hold her still, while the veterinarian did the tagging. The veterinarian uses a large leather punch to punch a hole in the hide of the webbing between each rear flipper. Then a plastic tag is inserted. Unfortunately everything did not go as planned. When approached, V01 rolled on her side and tried to fight us off. We finally got her under control, but she was on the edge of the shore, instead of further up where we hoped she’d go. We got one tag inserted before a large wave swamped us, and the coordinator yelled “abort! Abort!”. We jumped off, and quickly left the zone. V01 quickly entered the ocean, swam out about 20 feet, and turned and looked at us. She wasn’t real happy about the experience, but glad to be free of us.

We spent several late afternoons on the wall, as we’ve become friends with some fellow ‘wall nuts’. One couple, Bill and Marilyn, are from Vancouver. They’ve been here for almost 3 months – we have a good time talking over the day’s events with them, and hearing about all of the things that they do. We’ve also met a nice family of four from Portland, Brad, Lisa, George, and Kate. It’s their first time to Kauai, and it sounds like they’ll become regulars. But the ‘wall nut’ season is essentially over, as the sun now sets further north, which puts it behind Ni’ihau, so we don’t get the infamous green flash.

Here is a picture from the tagging.


Marilynn and Bill from Vancouver, wall nuts


Lisa, Kate and Brad, the US wall nuts from Portland Oregon (George missed the picture).


The leftover granite was used first in the guest bathroom


The master bath was also upgraded. We are extremely pleased with the results.

Wednesday our friend Kathy returned from the mainland. At the same time two friends, Jen and Mary moved back to the mainland. We picked Kathy up at the airport, and had a last ‘goodbye’ with Jen and Mary. Their departure decision was made quickly, leaving them very little time to arrange and coordinate everything. As a result, they ended up asking us to try to sell their 1997 Jeep Grand Cherokee. Not something we wanted to do, but it needs to be done. We also acquired quite a bit of leftover wine, booze and food that they had left.



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