Happy Spring

Our guests left Monday afternoon, we had a nice visit and got caught up on the doings in the old neighborhood. It was a special place to live, we really enjoyed it, and we had great neighbors. But we’re here now, and it certainly seemed like a great winter not too live in Wisconsin, no matter how much we loved it.

Monday evening, St Patricks Day, we volunteered at the second to last EKK program this year. Since it was our anniversary Charlie bought me a lei and I also had my picture taken with Will Yokoyama, one of the musicians. Pretty cool.


The lead singer was Kamakakehau Fernandez, a falsetto singer from Molokai. We enjoyed the concert though we worked it.

The next morning, Charlie encountered a “space alien” on the beach, who knows what he or she was doing.

At any rate we didn’t have many seals all week. Evidently several beached at other beaches but we only had one female, R315, on Friday, on the rocks at Brennekes. So we enjoyed a week with little to no seal duty. But Saturday we spent 3 hours at Poipu re-doing the seal display sign. The plexiglas was broken with some missing, and the informational poster was faded and torn. We removed all of the old broken parts and put in a new poster. Hopefully it will last several years. We also had more seal ropes stolen this week, so we’re scheming on how to hide our ropes while still having them accessible to the volunteers. Too bad that some people do this.

The best news this week was that the Aloha Spirit, the shuttle that we ‘broke’ last month, is back…it is all repaired and working. However, sadly, Ozzie, the dog isn’t, he was run over by a car two weeks ago. Oddly enough, Doug, the driver, seems to be a good friend of our next door neighbor and we hadn’t recognized him even though he is there several times a week. We don’t really know our neighbor, she stays to herself, and doesn’t come outdoors other than to get in her car.

We’ve spent more time on ‘the wall’ this week, meeting more of the many Canadians and US people who spend two to three months here in the winter. Gradually those people are leaving, as some friends said, ‘for a 42 week vacation’ before they return here next January. And we’re seeing fewer whales too, as they’re starting the long migration back to Alaska. So winter is winding down, but it’s been generally nice. We’ve had a few cool (cold?) nights, and a couple of times switched from shorts to long pants. But no snow to shovel, so it’s all good.

Our next project, to use the leftover granite, has started. Pohaku, the granite folks, came to measure on Wednesday, so Jason, our tile guy came back to help remove the old counters. Again, we are without counters (and sinks), hopefully only til next week some time. I’m sure looking forward to the big projects being finished! But all in all, Kauai is pretty fantastic.

The week was capped off with a nostalgic trip to the 60’s when we attended a John Sebastian (if you remember The Loving Spoonful, you know who John Sebastian is) concert at the Kauai Beach resort. Next to us sat a couple from Canada – they looked like they just walked out of the 60s. He had a full, straggly beard, and she was dressed in a long white dress, with white shawls wrapped around her, and a white braided head band. He introduced himself as Bill, and she said her name was ‘Life Has Meaning’. Ok, so Sue and Charlie sound pretty mundane after that!



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