Windy and cool

Our former neighbors from Verona (Madison) arrived for a short visit after their vacation on the Big Island, and the day they arrived, a large high pressure cell north of Kauai also arrived. The pressure cell brought with it high winds and rain. We had scheduled a nice sunset dinner cruise up the NaPali coast for Saturday. As the wind increased hourly, we were all having second thoughts about it. Visions of seasickness were running rampant among us, even though we were trying to be stoic. When the gusts hit 60mph, thankfully the cruise company, Capt Andy, called and cancelled. None of us were too disappointed. We’ll re-schedule sometime in the summer, when the seas should be calmer.

We were hoping that John and Mary Lou would get to meet some of our seals. The day before they came a very pregnant-looking K31 hauled out at the Sheraton. We thought that there would be a chance of a new seal pup the next morning when we went down to survey the beach. But K31 was gone, so no new pup yet. Plus no other seals showed up in our territory, so we couldn’t display our vast knowledge of seals nor our seal baby sitting skills.

Also, early this week our kitchen island finally arrived. It was quite a process to get it shipped from Illinois to Kauai. The internet company we bought it from had not shipped to Hawaii previously. They had been advertising ‘free shipping’ as part of their winter sale, but that of course was only on the continental US. They finally found a company that could ship the kitchen island to our island, but they were astounded at the cost. They meekly asked us if we still wanted to purchase the island, and were assuming we’d say no. But there aren’t many alternatives here on Kauai, so we went ahead. One of the difficulties in shipping it, and which also led to the high shipping cost, is that the island weighs 270 pounds. The island was finally delivered on Friday. We had arranged to have our neighbor Peter help us move the island into the house. As it turns out, Peter was also scheduled to leave the island for California that afternoon. His flight was at 2 pm and the truck with the island arrived at 10 am. He scurried over and not only helped us unpack it and get it into the house, but also to assist with assembly. We finished just in time to take him to the airport and meet our guests at the terminal two hours later.
The kitchen looks phenomenal – although after looking at the picture I realized that I need to find a new place to store my step stool and the blue recycle basket. Not too attractive next to the cabinet!



With our sailing trip scrubbed and blustery winds, we scrambled for other weekend activities. Saturday was a large craft sale at Poipu, so the four of us went there, followed by a trip to the new up scale shopping center at Kukui’ula. Then a trip to the brew pub in Port Allen, and we had a typical Wisconsin weekend day, without the frigid weather. Later we went to Hanapeppe, and we found a book on hurricane Iniki in the local bookstore, to replace the one that we’ve lost or misplaced. The pictures still overwhelm us. And later still we returned home to see how much gin was left. And to make paella. The next day brought more blustery conditions, so after our morning seal survey and breakfast, we drove out to Mahaulepu. We toured the prehistoric cave, and took a short walk on the beach. I got John and Mary Lou to stop long enough for a couple of pictures.



And then on Monday, John and Mary Lou packed up, and we took them to the airport.


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