Kitchen done

Monday dawned bright and sunny, an absolutely gorgeous day with mild temperatures and a pleasant NW breeze, and still no seals. Donna admits to taking them with her on vacation, still it’s surprising.

A week ago a seal was found on the north shore with an eye injury. This same seal was found two weeks earlier on Ni’ihau with a eye infection. At that time she was treated with antibiotics. But when found on the north shore, she still had the infection and had lost a lot of weight. So the seal group captured her, and she was flown to Oahu for treatment. The NOAA vets determined that her eye couldn’t be saved, so it was removed. We have several seals with only one eye that are doing well, so it shouldn’t be a major problem for her. She’s rehabilitating now, and they’re fattening her up for her return to the ocean. She was also shown on state wide TV this week, so she’s become a celebrity.

Each day there are high surf warnings, in fact on the news one morning a video was shown of surfers on Maui. The video was focused on the surfers as they dealt with 20 and 30 foot was, but in the foreground was a boat containing photographers who were filming the surfers. And all of a sudden the boat is flipped over by a huge wave. Fortunately everyone was saved. Although the ocean floor now includes thousands of dollars of movie equipment.

We’ve had at least one seal up every day since Wednesday, it must be because Donna has returned. Thus our almost daily seal duty has returned. The good news is that this past week we’ve been able to finish the kitchen and it looks great!

20140308-140200.jpg The only problem now is that, since we had to buy two full sheets of granite, there was a lot leftover. Rather than paying the granite company to grind the rest up, we decided to replace both bathroom sinks with the leftover. So….another project begins in a few weeks. We’re taking some time off while we host our latest set of visitors, former neighbors from Verona. And then we start on the bathroom vanities.

I’m so pleased at the result of the kitchen upgrade, the only thing left is delivery of the kitchen island and that is scheduled for next Wednesday.

On Saturday, Kalavia started a new soccer season and we drove to Lihue to cheer him. He is the local 9 year old boy who we cheered last fall, it was fun to get out and watch these young people run around the soccer field and improve throughout the season. Even though there was a slight mist, the game was good, although ‘our team’ ended up on the short end of a 4 to 3 score. After the game we had lunch with Kalavia’s grandparents, Dan and Linda.

Sunday morning, after our regular Hyatt visit, we checked Poipu beach. There were no seals or turtles, but a large group of kayakers were preparing to go out fishing, evidently a fishing tournament. Most of the kayaks had holders for 4 fishing poles, plus additional equipment such as gaffs and fishing tackle. Hard to imagine what they would do if they catch something large! Ocean fishing in a kayak seems really challenging.

The week ended at a hula concert, Kauai has won many of the hula competitions on the islands and that group gave a fund raiser on Sunday night. It was excellent! See some of the pictures. These are all still shots – not sure if I can add video to the blog.





All ages were represented, the youngest was 4 and the oldest 86. The local kumu, Sabra (also our seal kumu) is pictured below. She provides the blessings whenever needed for our seal hui…..such as when a seal dies. She spoke at the event announcing a seminar this coming summer on Hawaiian culture.



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  1. Sue – I made the reservations for us for June 14! It will actually be 2 dives – one on the reef and the other at night with the rays. Below is information they sent in response to an email this weekend. J.

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