Cool and then hot

This week started very cool, it got down into the upper 50s over night, but Thursday the south winds returned and it felt like summer. And on Friday we were back into the mid 80s. On Sunday, it was overcast and cool again. The changing weather reminds us of Wisconsin. Well, Wisconsin plus 70 or 80 degrees.

The kitchen project is progressing by leaps and bounds this week. New lighting, new switches, new dust; all of a sudden things have been happening. The counters are cut and to be delivered on Monday, things are looking good. Of course we still have contractor issues – scheduling days and then not showing up. Or coming hours late. Island time strikes again……

Donna left on Monday and no seals have appeared since, ok with us since we’ve been so involved with the kitchen. The magnitudes of tourists are still here though – even when it’s rainy they come onto the beach. They’re determined to be able to say when they go home that they spent time on the beach. And speaking of the beach, our seal ropes on Poipu were missing (again). It seems that every few weeks the ropes disappear. Bummer……

One evening we visited the wall with Callanders and enjoyed the sunset, it seems different every night. Pretty cool!

Since we’d had no seals, Wednesday we decided to check out Polihale beach on the west side. We hadn’t visited it in several years, partly because the road was so very rough. As it turns out, the road wasn’t nearly as bad as the road to Mahaulepu. The view of the Na Pali coast was as spectacular and isolated as we had remembered, even though we got rained on several times during the few hours we were there.


The end of the week brought Kona winds and heat, it felt like summer but then on the weekend, the north winds returned, and it felt chilly again. Wisconsin remembered!

We capped the week off with a one-man play at the historic Waimea Theatre, ‘The Legend of Ko’olau’. It was a mesmerizing play about a Hawaiian “outlaw”, a Kauai cowboy from Waimea who happened to contract leprosy during the 1890s when patients were being banished to Molokai. He retreated to an isolated part of Kauai with his family, where, because he didn’t want them to be separated from them, he shot and killed a constable coming to take him away. As a result he was labeled an outlaw. The Waimea theatre is one of the few original movie theatres remaining in the U.S. It now shows art films and plays. We sat in some rather interesting reclined bamboo chairs in the quite small building.

Just in case you wondered if living in Hawaii makes you look different, here I am at Polihale this week.

Friday night we went to Hanapepe for their Friday night Art Walk. Actually we went to have dinner at the Hanapepe Cafe, run by Chef Helen Lacono. She’s from Antigo, and we see her almost every week at the Kukui’ula farmer’s market. She’s known as the Soup Lady, as she sells several soups at the market. We had a great meal, even though we did not have soup.

Saturday we had a scare with a sick kitty – Hayley developed a case of diarrhea, which we only noticed a little before noon. We bundled her up in a carrying case, and dashed off to the vet’s before they left for the weekend. After the initial checkup, the best the vet could venture was that Hayley probably ate a gecko, and it didn’t agree with her. I’ll bet the vets at the UW Vet School (with whom we’re quite familiar) don’t get patients with that condition very often!


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