Seals are back and a little sunshine too

After so much rain the sun finally came out on Tuesday, just after Tino and Mary left…bummer! The hoards descended on the beach along with RO18, he left every night and came back in the morning. Donna was involved with her family and Charlie was working on the kitchen so I was recruited to monitor him for 4 straight days! good thing I had a fresh bottle of sunscreen and each stint was only three hours plus. K 90 also decided to appear on the rocks several times. Volunteers have been somewhat scarce but luckily we’ve had two ladies from Texas that have gotten involved and taken some pressure off of us. One left on Friday and the second is leaving this week.

We’ve had Kona winds the past few days, which have made it very summery as well as hazy, we are truly looking forward to the return of the Trades.

The kitchen is progressing nicely, we (that is, Charlie) removed all the tile counters and with the help of Jason, the fellow that tiled our bathroom, installed plywood counters and re-dry walled the backsplash. Unfortunately, the sink also had to be removed…..and the dishwasher connection so I’m washing dishes in the bathroom sink. See the project below.
I don’t know what got into us, but Charlie decided to cook lasagna and invited Peter, Kathy, Len, and Ruthie Callander over for dinner Saturday night. It worked out quite well, at least we had hot running water, unlike on camping trips. Kathy and I took all the dirty dishes out to the laundry room to wash, since the bathroom sink is a bit small.

On Monday, the folks come to measure for the granite countertop and in two “short” weeks we should be up and running. We hope.

Wednesday evening was our usual trek to the Honu bar at Waiohai with all the Callanders to watch the sunset. We were treated to an awesome display of whales breaching. There were at least 15 consecutive breaches, one with two whales simultaneous breaching…wow, what a show!

20140223-164441.jpgThis photo was taken by one of our volunteers, Shannon Cloud, who was on the spot. She also took a photo of one of our local families at the same time.

We took a picture of the kitchen during demo just to show what a mess it was.



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