This week has been the coolest since we arrived and all week has been rainy. Friends from Madison, Tino and Mary, arrived Sunday night, happy to be somewhere warm. We started the week at the EKK concert Monday night, not quite as good as last week, but still , quite interesting.

Even though it was misting on Tuesday, we decided to visit the wall to watch the sun go down. We sat there, drinks in hand, talking until our neighbors the Callanders arrived, along with Peter’s two brothers and their wives. By now the mist was getting heavier, but we persisted, watching whales spout and breach inspite of the inclement conditions. Other regular ‘wallnuts’ arrived by car, but didn’t get out, sitting in their dry vehicles and trying to decide if it was worth getting wet. As we sat on the wall, rain increasing by the minute, Doug and Ozzie (the dog) came by and stopped to see if we wanted a ride. We all jumped on (to get out of the rain) and with our drinks, went for a ride.

The Aloha Spirit is a ‘free’ bus on the south south resort area, that relies on tips to survive. Ozzie always travels with Doug, and they’re a frequent sight going by the wallnuts. These pictures don’t show the steady drizzle that was falling, but since we were all soaked, we didn’t mind. The wine may have also factored into that.


Tino made a new friend, and at least we were all dry.

After a lot of laughs, we rode to Spouting Horn, tried to stop and pick up some other friends and went back to Poipu, 1/4 mile from where we started. At that intersection, a loud grinding noise emitted from underneath the “shuttle” and we ground to a halt in the middle of the intersection. Everyone disembarked, got behind the vehicle and pushed it off to the side. Evidently we blew the transmission. Poor Ozzie and master had to get towed and we had to walk the rest of the way. The shuttle was free but we left good tips (though probably not enough to cover damages. One never knows what to expect on Kauai. It was a good time, in spite of the broken down bus and walk back to our cars.

On Wednesday we again went to Kukui’ula for the farmer’s market and cooking demonstration. We were pleasantly surprised that the chef for the demo was Jean Marie Josselin, owner of the tapas restaurant. He’s been a restaurant owner on Kauai for over 20 years, including the famed Pacific Cafe. He prepared a ahi taco pupu, which was really tasty. Following the demo, we proceeded to Waiohai, for a light dinner on the beach. This is our regular Wednesday activity, although this week Peter and Kathy, plus relatives, bowed out. The restaurant was crowded, but Alicia managed o find us a table, and we finished the evening watching the set set into a large clod bank on the horizon.

Friday I was surprised to find an orchid plant that had been delivered to our door. Alicia’s step-mother left it, to thank us for supporting Kalawaia’s soccer games. His winter soccer games start in a week, and we’re already looking forward to them.

During the week, Charlie finished installing a drip irrigation system for our lanai plants. He worked the previous week on fixing/repairing Donna’s system, so I requested one as well. Now I don’t have the fill our sprinkler can every few days to water the lanai plants.

We also spent time this week making turtle signs for the beach. Charlie fixes the seal signs and holding boxes, and we also have a couple of turtle signs at Poipu beach. One of the turtle signs was disintegrating, so we decided to try to fix or replace it. The initial attempt included copying the ratty torn sign, then taking it to the UPS store in Lihue to be laminated. Next we purchased some plexiglass and spray adhesive, with the intent of sandwiching the laminated sign between two sheets of plexiglass. Before we did that though, we got a response from the turtle group with a PDF of a new turtle sign. So we went back to UPS, got two laminations of the sign, and Charlie assembled them. The adhesive has a slight yellow tint, but now we have two signs, and they’re not ratty and torn as the previous sign. Hopefully the adhesive and plexiglass will stand up to the weather and intense sunshine at Poipu. Time will tell.

Friday and Saturday the seals returned and Charlie and I had to take our turn on the beach. RO 18 returned, after not seeing him for several weeks after he had recovered from his encounter with a cookie cutter shark. Donna, our south shore seal coordinator, wasn’t happy with one of the new volunteers, so we ended up doing double duty on Friday and Saturday. RO18 settled in at Waiohai on Friday and at Kiahuna on Saturday. We spent several hours on the beach each day, and there were quite a lot of visitors, inspite of the drizzley weather.

Saturday night Mary took the four of us to dinner at Keoki’s our favorite south shore restaurant. I made the reservation on Friday, but to our dismay the restaurant couldn’t find it when we arrived at 6:30. They managed though to get us in after a few minutes wait, and we had a great machong fish dinner. When Charlie asked if they had a kama’aina discount, the waitress said no, but that she’d give us free hula pie. The hula pie is a well known Kauai staple, a huge slice of macadamia ice cream with a chocolate Oreo bottom with a chocolate glaze. It didn’t take us long to devour it!
Charlie’s turtle signs are shown below

br />
Sunday night Tino made pizzas, it was great to have one of his creations.

Monday morning Mary and Tino left, but we think with good memories of Kauai.



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