Winter Rain

The week started with lots of rain, and also a call from the seal recovery group saying everyone was needed to comb the south shore beaches. We were asked to find K05, a seal that had a Crittercam glued to him in order that the scientists can obtain as much information as possible about the habits of monk seals. Sounds like finding a needle in a haystack, finding a seal somewhere on 10 miles of shoreline. Since it had been on for two weeks, it was time to remove it and he had been tracked to someplace on the south shore. Everyone spread out to find him and Charlie and I were assigned Mahaulepu beach. We were there only five minutes when we found him lying next to a large female seal, K22, and called in his location. We were instructed to rope him off and make sure he didn’t return to the water before the scientists arrived. What we didn’t know at the time was that the three scientists were on Oahu and still had to fly in to Lihue and then be driven to the beach before anything would happen. So, finally, 4 hours later, they arrived, and within three minutes, had the camera cut off and the seal released. It was fascinating to watch, they all donned coveralls, picked up plywood (crowding boards), put a board between K22 and K05, a net over K05’s head, and two volunteers held him down and snipped the camera off. Anyone watching would have gained great respect for the cute, cuddly seal, as both reared up with mouths open and teeth barred barking, twisting, and moving much more quickly than I would have imagined. They were quite startled and traumatized, but afterwards both retreated to the water. Fortunately no one was hurt, but there were two startled seals.


It’s been quite rainy this week, Wednesday it rained almost all day, and very heavy at times. The good thing about rain is that it keeps the visitors off the beach, so it minimizes our seal baby sitting duties. The seals don’t seem to mind the rain, and tend to stay put while all of us humans scatter for cover.
Another noteworthy event this week was held near Lihue, at the Kauai Beach Resort, E Kanikapila Kakou. This is a local music celebration held every week In the winter season and features Hawaiian music. Donna had told us that the program needed volunteers, so we responded. It turned out that we weren’t needed so we only participated as audience. This particular week featured music camp and several well known slack key guitar and ukulele musicians a wonderful performance! There were approximately 400 people In attendance. The program started with a chant from one of the largest musicians, a Hawaiian with an equally large voice and ended by everyone in the audience holding hands and singing “Hawaii Aloha”. The same way that the hula program did last week.


This week has been the rainiest since we’ve been here. We didn’t have as many seals up so we spent quite a bit of work done at home. Charlie has been setting up a drip watering system for our lanai. He started by helping Donna repair her’s, and that transitioned into adding one to our lanai.

Saturday evening we hosted dinner for the Calander family on our lanai. Peter and Kathy have been hosting 2 of Peter’s brothers and their wives. One brother is from upstate NY, the other from Minnesota. Both were glad to escape the cold winter weather back home, and have been playing a lot of golf. It was a fun evening – they’re quite a gang.


Tino and Mary (friends from Madison) arrived on Kauai for a weeks visit on Sunday evening. They also were glad to escape the winter weather, if only for a week. Hopefully they’ll have nice tans by the time they return home.


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