Surf’s Up

The whole past week has been very windy, in fact high surf warnings every day. On the North Shore, the surf was 40-50 feet and the beaches were closed. That resulted in heavy traffic north to see it and heavy traffic to the south to find a beach. We didn’t have as much time watching seals as the past few weeks but one day was particularly interesting. I was on Poipu beach, with Peter’s sister-in-law watching K31 at rest when Cracky, one of our more familiar turtles, decided to come in and check him out. Cracky kept getting closer and closer until finally K31 had had enough. Much to the entertainment of all the onlookers, he reared up and barked at her! After he had barked several times, she wisely decided to back off. We always tell people not to get too close to the seals and this surely reenforced our warnings it’s just too bad more folks didn’t see it.

A big surprise this week happened when we got a knock on the door, and who should be standing there but Bob and Caryl Terrell, friends from Madison. They had been in Poipu last year when we bought the house, so knew where to find us. I’m sure we will see them again during the two weeks they are here.
Friday evening another seal hauled out on the rocks right across from “the wall” so Charlie and I volunteered to go monitor her at the end of the day. This seal was one we didn’t know, 315, a large female with an entanglement scar just above her back flippers. Therefore, we took our wallnut supplies along (wine and a towel to sit on) and hung out, keeping her from being disturbed, until the sun went down. The crowd was diminished because it was cloudy and windy and the sunset was hardly spectacular, but when a gentleman came out with his banjo, it soon became a memorable sunset.

This whole week has been cool. We’ve had a large weather front to the north bringing “cold” weather, it was 51 degrees at our house Wednesday morning! It’s amusing, after moving here from Wisconsin, to hear people complaining about the cold. I must say though, we both put long pants on to go to a party Thursday night, and noticed that almost everyone at the party did too.

The view from the wall on Friday is below even though it was cloudy, at the last minute the sun appeared.

Finally, on Sunday we finished painting the cabinets in the kitchen. We both like the results. I was skeptical before we started this project, but it turned out great. We’ve now ordered the new countertop and backsplash, but it will be 4 to 6 weeks before they get here. Shipping schedules are something you have to get used to when living on an island!


Last week I mentioned some of the funny (stupid) things we get asked when on seal duty. I left a few off the list, so here they are:
– (regarding the seals) where do they lay their eggs?
– we’re leaving in a few days to go back to the U.S.
– we just got in last night, can you tell me where I can exchange money to get some Hawaiian currency?
I wonder how some of these people get through each day……..


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