New week ….full moon

It has obviously rained more in the last month, and with the cloudy weather for the first time we actually owed the utility. It wasn’t much, but it wiped out our credit, it still wasn’t too bad.

This week too, we decided to start our kitchen remodeling project, we have decided to lighten the room up and are in the midst of painting cabinets. It’s proceeding slowly, but looks good already. It certainly is much lighter.

Luckily, K31 decided to leave Mahaulepu and go out to forage so we didn’t have seal duty, Poipu was clear of seals too. On Friday K31 showed up at Shipwreck beach, he looks pretty clean now (and a little fatter).

20140116-183350.jpg also, for the first time in a few days we had a seal come up at Poipu this is a young adult, W06.

We have a little bit more rain lately, along with a Kona wind, due to a big weather system north of us causing huge surf on all the island’s north shores (20-30 feet).
With south winds, the south shore has been getting a Man-o-War invasion so the life guards put warning signs up, Charlie had to seal-sit on Friday and took a shot of W06 next to the sign.

We’ve spent some time being Wallnuts this week and the wall population has increased daily, the sunsets have been awesome. We introduced Peter and Kathy to the “wall” when Anton and Marcia were here, they, in turn, introduced Peter’s twin and his wife. What a nice way to end the day with a glass of wine and watching whales breach.

Saturday evening we spent with K31 at Shipwreck……a gorgeous evening watching boogie-boarders flipping and brave (or stupid) souls jumping off the cliff.




Thinking of seal duty reminds me of some of the funny or strange things we hear from tourists, including:
– is it dead? (This is the most common question we get)
– how do they know to come up between the signs?
– does the ocean go all the way around the island? (Yes, we’ve been asked that!)
– is there a bridge to Ohau? (It’s about 90 miles)
– one woman thought Hawaii was in the Caribbean before she came here
– when do they lay their eggs?
As you can see, seal duty has become very informative for us!


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