Back to the routine

Anton and Marcia came back from their trip to the Big Island on Thursday, in the meantime, K31 hauled up at Mahaulepu and started his molt. Monk seals molt once per year and they feel absolutely awful during that time. All of the top layer of skin peels off, not only does he feel rotten, but he looks and smells rotten too. Each seal stays on the beach for over a week and K31 was no exception.


Since the beach was so very busy we decided to take turns monitoring him and took ropes down to rope him off. Each volunteer takes about a three hour shift so that we can move the ropes as the tide changes. That beach has become much more popular since it is mentioned in the guide books. It is quite lovely.

While our guests were gone we went over to visit our neighbors, Peter and Kathy in the Old Koloa House and sat on their Lanai while chatting and sipping we noticed the wall across the street. The family is remodeling and put “free” on a sign next to the wall. Below is what we observed.

20140114-141300.jpgwithin minutes, the first pickup truck stopped and picked out a door and by the next day, here is the same view.

20140114-141418.jpgAlmost all that was left was the toilet. At least it’s all being reused.
We took Anton and Marcia down to see K31 and to round out their seal education. We did our shift and returned in time to relax on our lanai. Later the four of us went down to the “wall” to confirm their initiation as official “wallnuts”. There is nothing like sitting on a lava rock wall, chattIng with other wallnuts, observing whales breaching, drinking a nice Chardonnay, and watching the sunset.

20140114-141943.jpg To round out the evening, we retreated to our house where Marcia fixed a lovely dinner of Greek marinated chicken kabob and rice pilaf. This was accompanied by another nice wine. They had spent the week before coming here in California wine country and brought more than a case of limited edition wines as part of their checked luggage. What a treat! We finished it all before they left.

On Saturday, Charlie took them to the airport, while I did my shift with K31 at Mahaulepu……….we didn’t have enough room in the Prius to fit us all in.
By Sunday, Charlie and I were back to our normal Sunday habit of watching the sun rise at the Hyatt. Though we first had to sit through a tropical downpour to be rewarded with a beautiful pink sunrise.

Anton did have an arrythymia attack the last morning, we thought he just wanted to stay longer, but it passed before the plane took off for the mainland. They made it home without incident.


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