Happy New Year

The end of 2013 was chaotic, there were more people on the beaches than we have seen since we moved here. The seals also decided that Poipu was the place to be. O18 was still coming up almost every day, and on New Years Eve three seals were cruising around the beach, we had been hoping that they would stay away that day…no such luck. Poipu scheduled fireworks for that night and most of the beach was fenced off in order to stage the display. V 18 was investigating the Keiki pool in order to haul out, which would have been awful since that was where the fireworks were. The only place on the island with a fireworks display (the others had been cancelled) was Poipu and estimates were that 10,000 people would show. Yikes! Charlie and Mimi stood on shore, hoping to discourage him. Mimi had been told that if the seal hauled up on the shore at Poipu, she would have to tell the County that they had to cancel the fireworks, because setting off fireworks would violate the law regarding not disturbing the seals. Obviously she wanted to avoid having to do that, so she and Charlie stood on the shore to keep the seal from coming up. So he tooled on down the shore towards O18. When V18 tried to haul up next to the other seal, a ruckus started, the two of them threatened each other, tussled and finally O18 chased him off. But not before V18 tried to mount O18, which gave the tourists quite a show.
The whole beach looked like the Riviera.

The display was scheduled for after dark, around 9:30 so our concern was people tripping over the seals in the dark, finally one of our volunteers and I consulted and decided to leave the ropes up, secure them well and leave….about 8 pm. It was a long day.

Marcia, Anton, Charlie, the Callanders, and I then went to a party at the new house of the people from whom we bought our house.
We all had a great time, even though we left before midnight. We missed the fireworks, but the party was fun and we had a good time.

New Years Day was a bit calmer, I took Anton and Marcia along when I went out to Mahaulepu to identify a seal, W06, and on the way back, suddenly an awful and loud noise emitted from the right front wheel. I stopped right away and called Charlie. He came down with the Prius and decided we would take the chance and drive it the 3 miles home…the next day this is what happened.

Luckily it turned out to merely be a piece of gravel in the brake and not too expensive.
Donna came back on Thursday and both of us got a break for a couple of days.
Friday the seal volunteer New Years party was held in Lihue. Donna, Royden, Charlie and I rode together. It is the only time all of the volunteers actually see each other. The south shore folks tend to stay on the south shore and the others the same. Mimi and Jamie, the coordinators of the program devised a game using clothes pins. You each got one clothes pin and every time someone uttered the word “seal” the person that heard it could take your pin. This made for hilarity since we were seal volunteers and trying to use any other word when discussing them. The winner got to take home a helium inflated dolphin. Royden and I tied, and each of us got a helium filled dolphin.

My daily morning run to meet Charlie at the beach goes through a farming area on the ancient Hapa trail, and recently the goats on the way have been kidding (I think that is the word for giving birth). There have been numerous twins born…..so very cute. It is such a great way to start the day.



We’ve been watching the weather back in Wisconsin, and it reminds us why we moved. But it’s been cold here lately, getting down to 64 over night. Brrrrrr! I had to wear long pants and a long sleeved shirt last night when we entertained the Callanders at our house for dinner. Prior to dinner the four of us went on a short drive to see the new solar field our cooperative is constructing. And then we went down to the shore to join the wallnuts. The wallnuts aren’t out in full force yet, but should be soon. Last year we had over 60 of us sitting to watch the sun set.





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