Unbelievable…it’s done

Finally, after many months, the back yard is done, at least the work that the landscape company does. I was sure that they would still be working on it after Christmas. It looks quite nice and wIll look even better after all the grass fills in. No more mud. Check it out.




We even got our eaves troughs installed with a cute rain chain.

Charlie decided that he hated having to trim the bamboo every week and cut it back. However, it needed to be dug out too or it will spread. So he took the shovel out and started to dig it out. Koloa is full of rocks and after a few hours of work and barely scuffing the surface, we invested in Joey (a young local …nice fellow) and he dug the roots out with an hours investment and a Heineken….whew

We got a couple of night-blooming Jasmine to replace it.

Seal duty has been very busy this week K31 up every day so quite a few hours on the beach. We recruited a tourist, Fred, who came down to the beach every morning. NOAA had a training session scheduled on Friday, and we got him included and now he’s certified. He is here til the new year so we will have more back-up on the beach. Donna will be gone over the holidays, and I’m back-up to her as south shore coordinator. On Friday we had two seals at Poipu, K31 and T12. Donna and I went out to Mahaulepu to ID two seals that we’d never seen before, two females right together, RO14 and K22. So it turned out being a busy day.

The tropical garden also had their annual Holiday party this week, we had Santa, dinner and prizes for all the volunteers. Donna, Ruth and I went. It was also a ‘toys for tots’ benefit, and lots of toys were collected for Kauai children.

Friday we went to Hanapepe’s Art walk and Christmas celebration, I had wanted to check out “the pie lady’s” chicken pot pie, as we’ve heard good comments about it. However, there was a very serious car crash between Lihue and the west side in the afternoon, and since there’s only one road, everything was cut off. The pie lady couldn’t make it before we left, so we settled for coconut milk curry from a Thai vendor. Really good.

Saturday night saw another dinner prepared by Charlie. Kathy Peter and their friend Aliana visited. The menu consisted of sausage orso, stuffed tomatoes, Tuscan bread salad, and an apple compote with ice cream. And of course Kathy’s gin and tonics.

The week ended with a big storm Sunday morning, crossing Kauai with heavy rains, flash flooding, lightning and thunder. The storm lasted for several hours. We watched intense lightning from our seats at the Hyatt Seaview Terrace, the rain was so intense we couldn’t see the ocean. After about half an hour, the terrace floor was covered with an inch of water. Water was pouring in from the adjacent open air atrium, under the doors and flooding the carpet and chairs in the terrace. Charlie helped squeegee the floor until the staff brought in a wet vac. The good news is no seals up on Sunday. I guess they decided to sit out the storm on other areas of the shore.
The two females from Mahaulepu are pictured below.



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