Thanksgiving week

The week started with K31 on the beach. Charlie and I were on the beach, a young couple walked up to us, the guy wearing a UW badger hat. After a short discussion we discovered that, Sarah, the wife, had been in the last Madison Pilates class I attended with Kathleen, where I announced that I would be moving to Kauai. She flew in the night before and said she wondered if this was where I had moved and lo and behold…here we were…on the beach…small world. We also talked to people from Switzerland, Russia, and Australia. The Australian woman was blind, but extremely interested in the seals and natural beauty of the island. We also met a couple from Colorado, and they became very entranced with the seals. They came out every morning at 6:30 to join us in checking the beach for seals and turtles. And when they over heard seal volunteer Donna complain about not having enough ropes, they quickly volunteered to provide rope for the beach. The next day they informed Donna that she’d be getting 1000′ of rope delivered to her. Their generosity was greatly appreciated!

We had 8 people over for thanksgiving, the turkey turned out perfectly, everyone brought side dishes, and it was a nice group dinner. We had worried that we wouldn’t be able to seat enough people, but we put our picnic table onto the Lanai and had a pleasant breeze wafting across the table. Our first Thanksgiving in Hawaii. We followed up sharing a ‘left overs’ dinner with Peter and Kathy on Friday. And then on Saturday they came back over for a gourmet meal catered by Charlie. Yippee! I didn’t have to cook!

Unlike last week, we had seals up every day, so the two of us were busy……even Thursday (Thanksgiving) morning. K31 hauled up 4 days in a row. Donna had the flu, several volunteers were off island, and evidently because of the holiday, the beach was packed….mostly families with small children, so we were in great demand.

Green sea turtles appeared on the beach more frequently this week, we wondered why, until two mornings we saw splashing of flippers and then a fin leaving close to shore in the bay, supposedly reef sharks….this is the season according to Hawaiian legend. And turtles are a favorite of sharks. The second sighting included a thrashing of flippers in the water, followed by a dorsal fin swimming through the bay. This is the area where lots of people swim and surf. It’s the ocean, and sharks are there – maybe we’ll stay on shore!

On Saturday a huge storm blew in, strong winds and heavy rain, the beach was deserted (except for T12). The waves were so large that the tombolo linking Poipu beach to the island washed out, the winds were over 25 mph from the SW. It really was a major storm – it’s amazing to see the changes in the ocean, from a tranquil paradise for swimmers and boarders, to a violent monster.

Still no progress on the back yard…still waiting for the ship to come in with the Home Depot delivery of pavers. We’re anxious to see what this week brings!



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