Fall has arrived?

The calendar says fall, but it is certainly unlike any Wisconsin fall I have experienced in the past. The nighttime temperatures have dropped to the low 70’s and upper 60s. We’ve actually needed a blanket at night, Charlie says he has been freezing. Weird!

The big project this week is the patio in the back yard. We thought for sure that it would be done on Monday. However, we didn’t consider “Island Time”, in fact Sunday it still wasn’t finished. Last week the mason was “sick”, this week the excuses were infinite. We’ve had 2 guys here the past 3 days, unfortunately it seems that 2 guys are capable of doing the work of! Well, maybe one teenager! One day he didn’t have enough supplies, one day “it might rain”, etc etc. the pace of progress is glacial, 15 min work, 30 min smoking break, 15 min work, 30 min. contemplating, 5 min work, 1 hour break for sprinkles, time to go home, maybe we’ll finish tomorrow. Sigh!

Charlie and I did spend a little time at the nursery picking plants, he also set the stepping stones in the side yard. We moved the bike rack (we also had to relocate one of our new sprinkler heads, which would have been under the bike rack), he moved some huge rocks in back, we sprayed for bugs. All this to make us feel like some progress was being made.

We’ve had more rain than we did all summer so we took the opportunity to go to a movie in Lihue. The temperatures rose for a few “Kona”days ( the vog comes in from the Big Island) and it gets muggy so the AC at the theatre is welcome, though a bit musty smelling. Nice escape. The rainy, cloudy days also showed up in our solar system. Friday we only generated 1 kWh, we normally generate 15 to 16 kWh daily. And our hot water temperature dropped, which was noted when we took showers. It was still warm, but not as hot as it had been in the summer. If it continues to be cloudy, Charlue may have to turn the electricity back on for the water heater.

We did have a few seals early in the week, K30 was in the Keiki pool, but no problems, Donna’s family was visiting so she hasn’t been as available as usual, we had a new (to us) seal come up on the rocks at Brennekes, V90, and we were called to ID a seal at Spouting Horn. That turned out to be another unfamiliar seal, 6FQ. Charlie and I trucked down the Napauka and rocks to get close enough to see the tag. Unfortunately, I slipped and landed head down in the bushes and couldn’t get up by myself. Charlie wouldn’t give me a hand until he took a picture.

The only other noteworthy event was my, in a weak moment, volunteering to host Thanksgiving to our beach fire pit group. Only 10 people but we have seating for 6. We’ll have to get creative, but it should be fun, it will have to substitute for the annual Thanksgiving at Tom and Julie’s. Charlie’s looking forward to watching the Packers/lions game at 7:30 am, despite the Packers woes since Rodgers injury. At least football games won’t interfere with Thanksgiving dinner!


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