Back Home

After 3 1/2 weeks away it was great to get home. We both had a good time, Charlie visiting Madison and me visiting Florida and both of us spending quality time with our friend, Beau in New York. Since Bruce and Andrea were visiting Europe, we dog sat Beau. The three of us had a great time. We also got a chance to eat some awesome food, visit the Cloisters, the museum of the Historical Society of New York, art galleries, Chelsea Market, the High Line, and the 9/11 site as well as spending time with friends, Betty and Victor Kord. We are beginning to feel quite comfortable in the big city, the antithesis of little Kauai.

We returned through Los Angeles to be delayed over 5 hours by the shooting incident in LAX. Finally, late Friday night we arrived in Lihue quite tired, but glad to see our own bed and Hayley and Comet.

Saturday, our friends from Madison, Eileen and Larry arrived for a few days and we enjoyed showing them our home and our seals. K31, an adult male and V18 put on a show for them at Poipu Beach with a tussle including barking and chasing. We introduced them to the seal crew, Royden and our neighbors and they took us out to eat several times. One day they kayaked up the Wailua River to a waterfall that ended being very strenuous because of the muddy hike from the river. We also ran to Poipu a couple of times.

The yard took off in our absence, we have grass (and weeds) so mowing and salting were in order. We found some plants to add and consulted with the landscape company about the patio out back that we thought would be done while we were gone……next week they said.
The side yard is now planted with ajuga and ground orchids. It should fill in soon. />
Charlie planted some shade plants in the back to add color. It’s starting to look good!

This Friday we had a south-side seal volunteer party, however, K30 was on the beach and Charlie stayed to monitor her. Unfortunately for him, I took the car and while I was celebrating, he got hit by a deluge with no place to take shelter. I rescued him after about 30 min. and he looked like a drowned kitten, hunkered down against the rock wall to try to stay out of the rain.
After a dry summer, we have gotten hit with heavy rain and we were kept inside all day Saturday. We’ve had flash flood warnings the past few days, but no serious problems.
Sunday…back to normal…at the Hyatt for coffee. But high winds (50 mph gusts) and rain continued throughout the day.

20131110-161154.jpg note it’s still rainy. Then on to the Packer game, at Kalapaki Joes….the place was packed, but with Seattle fans, although several Packer tables.


Finally, Eileen took a picture of Comet to show how large he has become…..I’m holding him.



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