The weather is getting better

It seems that fall is coming, some of the warm, slightly muggy weather is moderating and the trades are increasing. We are still hanging out on the beach quite a bit, most mornings I’ll run down to Poipu and Charlie will meet me there. I leave home around 7 and frequently get hit with a rain shower coming from the Haapu range. It doesn’t last very long and I’m almost dry by the time I get to Poipu, that is other than sweat. The temperatures have been around 79 but recently dropped to 75, it’s amazing how much cooler those 4 degrees feel. The breezes are cool and steady, just ideal weather. We’re looking forward to this same weather in December and January!

This week K30 has hauled in about every other day and her daughter W06 the opposite days. We have more volunteers around now, we usually end up helping out for 2-3 hours as compared to the previous 3 to 4 hours. With the pending govt shutdown we volunteers will be the only source of seal protection, as our NOAA biologist will not be allowed to work. The group’s veterinarian is employed by the State of Hawaii, so she’ll still be available. But if there’s a seal emergency requiring an evacuation to Oahu and possible surgery, it won’t happen. Hopefully, no emergencies will occur.

There are fewer tourists at Poipu right now but all of them are still interested in learning about the seals. So Charlie and I are becoming outreach specialists.


Note K30 in the background. Shortly after these pictures were taken, she pooped on the beach. Another tourist highlight moment!

Our new grass is starting to grow, as are the weeds, so I go out every day and pull them before they get too big. We have also finished the outdoor shower enclosure, all we need now is to get the shower. It will be good to have a place to rinse the sand off when we come from the beach.

We are looking forward to our trips to the mainland. I’m going to Florida and then New York to visit part of my family and Charlie will be going to Madison for business meetings for a couple of days, then on to New York too. We will have a woman living at our house and taking care of the cats while we’re gone. Both of the cats are looking forward to lounging around without us. She’s a registered nurse, so the cats should be in good hands.


Look how nice the new shower enclosure looks.

We continue our regular routines, Wednesday, the farmers market and cooking demo, and afterwards to the Waiohai to watch the sunset while sipping a cocktail and having dinner outdoors. Currently our friends who have joined us on the Wednesday activities are off-island, so we’ve been on our own. br />
Saturday is the day to cheer on our favorite soccer player, Kalawaia, who plays on the Koloa (9 years old) youth soccer team. He’s the son of a woman who’s a waitress at Waiohai, and they live across the street from our friends. He’s a cute kid, really shy. Br />


2 thoughts on “The weather is getting better

  1. I’m looking forward to using the outdoor shower when we visit in November! Will the farmers’ market still be going on then? And what adorable pictures of the kitties.

    • Yes, the shower should be finished this week. The farmers market is year round, as are the cooking demos. The mangos will be out of season probably, but no doubt there will be seals.

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