We have grass! Sorta

This week they finally came to plant grass. But it’s not like anything I’ve ever seen before, at least in Wisconsin. The workers came with a big truck, a trailer, and big plastic bags full of grass. It’s called hydro planting. After raking the whole yard and smoothing it out, Timmy and Brandon took the plastic bags and started spreading the grass all over the yard. The grass, a seaside grass, had been dug up with some roots still attached by a machine and put into the bags. The yard immediately went from red dirt to green. Then they filled the tanks on the trailer with ground up newspaper and water and pumped that onto the yard. This is apparently a binder to keep the grass from being washed away with rain. We were told that within a couple of days the grass will start to root and within a month, we will have a yard to mow.





We also started putting in an outdoor shower in the back yard. Charlie and the guys mixed cement on Friday and set the vertical posts and on Sunday we built a frame and mixed more cement for a floor, into which we placed smooth rocks before it dried.

Our irrigation system is now set to go off 4 times a day. Our water bill will probably go over the roof for a month or so.

We got up early on Sunday to watch the Packer game only to discover that it wasn’t televised here. It somehow seems wrong anyway to watch football at 7:00 am. Perhaps we could go to a sports bar but beer doesn’t sound too good that early either. Maybe an omelet. Can’t get a brat here, that’s for sure.

We had some friends over for dinner Saturday night. Nice people, but there were a few interesting moments. They’re displaced Californians, and they tend to think that San Francisco has a good football team. So they have a problem with reality. We did talk about going to Honolulu in December, if we can get tickets to the Jimmy Buffet concert. That would be great if it works out.

This week has been slow with the seals, we’ve only had three seals up all week, though one, V80 is unfamiliar to us. She is a young female.

She chose to sleep on the rocks – doesn’t seem like a comfortable spot. But she’s a cutie!

The weather has been outstanding, every day it rains and then the sun comes out. The extra rain we’ve had has greened the park soccer fields and everything is looking great, the temperatures have also moderated. Even though the temperatures don’t change very much, there are days when the trades are low, then it feels pretty muggy. We are working at drinking more water since it seems we sweat so much that it is easy to get dehydrated. It’s also easy to get into the gin & tonics in a big way. We were doing that with our CA friends; we’re now trying to moderate that a bit.
The one thing that I still can’t get over is that we have the house completely open, all the windows and the French doors are wide open, letting the breeze blow in. The overhangs are so large that the house stays dry even when it rains.


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