Pup sitting is done

We got the news this week that pup sitting is done, they have become pretty independent and only need to be checked on periodically, they are ranging further and further from their beach so we often don’t see them at all. My last trip up there was on Monday, since work has been progressing on both the shower enclosure and the yard. The seal hot line hasn’t called too much either, a relief for us……and Donna, our mentor will be back from the mainland next week and the pressure will be off on us. Donna and I plan to do some hiking and exploring in the coming weeks. Plus this coming Friday the seal volunteers will be having a beach dinner on the east side of the island. Probably won’t be serving seal steaks!

The new shower looks great, we only now have to wait a month to get the glass (it’s shower curtain time til then.)

20130909-095033.jpg. Remodeling here is not cheap – it seems that this remodel cost about 50% more than our recent remodel in WI. In addition to remodeling our master bathroom, Charlie took the ceiling in the guest bathroom down in order to install an exhaust fan. Neither bathroom had one, but now both will be exhausted (along with us)!

The yard looks like a disaster, we’ve moved the hibiscus away from the house (so had to prune them way back), killed all the grass, moved rocks is to make beds, and laid down some pavers. We have to think that it will be nice when it’s done.


The back yard dirt is covered with Shower tree petals. Supposedly, next week it will be finished, but for now an eye sore.

The week ended at Shipwreck beach, where we got together with 6 others and made a fire in our portable fire pit and ate dinner as the sun set. The food was good, everyone contributed, and we lived it up adjacent to the high rollers staying at the Grand Hyatt. When we arrived there were 4 weddings taking place on the beach, so we set up in a location where we wouldn’t be in the photos. However, shortly after dark two large policemen appeared in the fringes of the firelight to tell us that we were breaking the law and needed to put the fire out or go to court. I offered them lemon bars but they refused and waited til the little fire log was extinguished. According to our friends, there isn’t a law prohibiting a contained fire on the beach, so not sure what the issue is. Some think the Hyatt calls the police when they see the fire. Not having a fire isn’t so bad though, as the stars are magnificent in the darkness.


We did go out a couple of times, once to Gaylord’s, part of an old plantation house, quite elegant with tables set up on the lawn…..I even wore a skirt. This was at Kilohana Plantation ( and rum distillery). Later in the week we took in a movie at Lihue cinema and ate at our (somewhat local) sports bar in Kapaa…..no skirt this time. All of this was with Kathy, one of our neighbors a few blocks away. Her husband Peter went back to the mainland for work, but Kathy remained. And she has a friend Becky now visiting from CA. So we’ve helped Kathy with things to do while she entertains Becky.


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