It’s the Kauai Marathon

The highlight this week is the Kauai Marathon, held on Sunday, Sept 1 since we are both volunteers, we have to report at 4:30 am. The race starts at 6am, to avoid the heat.

Pup sitting both Monday and Friday, I had to go alone as Charlie had to be home for both the landscape and the bathroom projects. On Monday, I found 4 seals on the beach, a new one from Oahu, T14, the two pups and a male, T12. The pups and T12 were frolicking In the water when I arrived. It was fascinating to see them rolling and wrestling in the shallows until they, tired and hauled up to take a nap. About that time, Jamie and Mimi ( the two heads of the program) appeared since they had heard that N30, the older pup, had a bite and they wanted to check it in case it was getting infected. They have permission from a private homeowner to drive close to the haul out place while I had to hike the beach in ankle deep sand to get there. The appealing face of N44 makes it all worth it.


The sign up sheet for pup sitting only goes through next week, so we might be done with the 60 mile round trip drive then.

We got a couple of days off from seal watching, however Friday pm I got called down to Poipu to check out two seals W06 and K13 but I only had to stay about an hour.

Like in Madison, we compost here but I found that I can’t keep my kitchen compost can in the house, since it attracts swarms of small flies, so I keep it just outside the back door….this makes our pet gecko very happy because he gets a smorgusbord of fruit flies.


Our bathroom and shower projects are now progressing, and the shower is coming along nicely. The tile should be finished by Tuesday or Wednesday, but we’ll still have to wait almost a month for the glass to be shipped from Arizona. You get used to waiting here, plus paying exorbitant prices for shipping. The landscaping is also progressing, but we never really know on any given day if the crew will show up. They didn’t show up Thursday (remember that our yard is a morass of shallow trenches and piping), but then on Friday Timmy showed up, with a different helper. Turns out it was his 50 (60s?) something sister. They actually showed up in the afternoon, but worked a couple of hours. Timmy demonstrated some of the shower heads, getting quite wet in the process. After they left, we noticed that they left without their second dog. The poor thing was looking around, and seemed to understand that he had been abandoned. And he also seemed to have an expression saying that he was pissed, and didn’t want to be left with us. We had the same thought, but tried to comfort him and give him water. He just wasn’t a happy camper. We tried calling the company, but by then it was after 3pm, and they don’t answer after 3. And then the dog disappeared, so now we were worried that it had run off. Turns out the sister drove over and got the dog, but we didn’t know it. Fortunately it all turned out okay.

One of our neighbors is a little boy named Kalawaia, a darling 8 year old. On Saturday, we went to his soccer game. What a great time, these boys were really quite good and Kalawaia, even though he is small was very effective …..they won their game. It looks like we will be seeing many more of these games. But the field is a brown patch of dead grass and weeds. It wouldn’t be fun if they fell – the soil was as hard as rocks.


Sunday for us dawned at 4:30 am and we were already at our posts for the Kauai Marathon at 5 for the start at 6. It felt strange to be watching and I still had that sick, excited feeling in the pit of my stomach that I feel before I start a race. 1700 runners and walkers started the half and full marathons. Charlie and I had different assigned locations, a quarter mile apart, right near the start. It was a nice place to be assigned, as even the slowest of the slow had gone past within a half hour, so the normal Sunday coffee at the Hyatt wasn’t affected at all. And speaking of the slowest, two guys, probably in their 50s or 60s, were the last, just sauntering thought the course. The one fellow is well known to the race officials. He does the whole marathon, probably takes about 12 hours. Apparently he stops and smells the flowers along the way, so the race officials call him Ferdinand. Apparently it rained a couple of times during the event, but we were nice and dry at the Hyatt.


K30 waited for an hour before she decided to haul up at Poipu. So the rest of the day we’d check on her every few hours in between trips to Home Depot.

We decided, after 4 months, that we were already tired of all yellow walls (every interior wall in the house is yellow), so painting became a priority (a rather last minute decision). Our guest bathroom, and the hallway are now white and we have an accent wall in the dining room.

Sunday night ended a very long day so we were both relieved to watch the sunset on Lawai Beach in our folding beach chairs with beverages in hand. Our friend from the Old Koloa House invited us to join them in this weekly ritual, so off we went, to share some gin and tonics, beer, sushi and hard boiled eggs. We were about the only ones on the beach, but there were lots of tourists behind us, sitting on the rock wall of the neighboring restaurant. The sun set was speculation, and it was nice to be there without having to rope off a seal. While we were there, a man came over to us, having spied Charlie’s beer, and asked if he could buy a couple from us (he said he had gone to the store, but they had closed). In the Aloha spirit, Charlie gave him a couple, and didn’t take any money. Good thing we still had gin and tonics left!


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