It’s Fair Time in Kauai

This week has been another busy week, after long waits both the landscape folks and the bathroom remodel folks appeared. Amazing!

We are having a sprinkler system installed along with the leveling of the lawn. Little did we know that our front yard is almost solid rock and the trench needs to be jackhammered. A job that was predicted to take two days stretched to three, and they’re not done yet. The two “gentlemen” that are doing it are quite colorful. Timmy and Junior and Timmy’s two dogs.

The master bath has been totally trashed, we are lucky though, we found a leak in the pipes leading to the guest bath (the bathrooms share a common wall) when the dry wall was removed. Monday the tile will be started, we are looking forward to a nice shower though after the tile is installed. Tthe glass company also has to measure and order the glass (another month).

I’m making the biweekly pup trek up north alone since Charlie needs to supervise the construction.
Dust is everywhere and the cats sure would like to have the whole house to roam when all the demo is happening (they’re currently sequestered in the guest bedroom during our bathroom remodeling, since our side door is often left open by the workers). Jason is the tile installer and he is really a hard worker, below is what the bathroom looked like with demo.


We’ve seen our friends Peter and Kathy less this week with all the activity, but since I’ve mentioned their house, I decided to post a picture of it… is so cute…..a typical plantation style, like ours there is no insulation in the walls….strange for us Wisconsinites. Of course, since there is no AC, it’s not too necessary. And for heating, well, needless to say, we don’t have to heat our house.


Saturday and Sunday became major seal days. The first call was at 6:00 am on Saturday and we had two seals to rope off at Poipu and one at Waiohai……we didn’t stay but instead checked back periodically throughout the day as the tide changed. Sunday we were sitting having our coffee and chai at the Hyatt when the call came that there were two seals at Shipwreck beach next to the hotel. That spot is usually pretty easy but since it was the weekend, there were many local surfers around and they like to run down the beach and skim along into the waves. Impossible to keep them out of the zone. The beach is also steep so the tide changes make keeping the people away more difficult. We ended up making 3 visits to the beach during the day, just to move the signs. The hotline had gotten a call saying that people were harassing the seals, so another reason we had to return. Weekends are really busy at some of these south shore beaches, in some ways it will be nice when the crowds die down and vacations are over. That should happen after this next weekend, although our friends said last year that they didn’t see a big drop off in the numbers of people.

Sunday night we asked Peter and Kathy over for a drink and we ended having soup and homemade bread along with our gin and tonics. They’re from California (it seems that a lot of people here are from CA), and are roughly the same ages as us. They’re a lot of fun, but we end up drinking a lot when we’re with them. They must have stock in Tangueray.

We never did get to the fair, to my disappointment, I wanted to see the 4H animals. Oh well, next year. They did have a midway but we didn’t even get to the farmers market with all the seal stuff.


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