School has started

School actually started last week, it seems really early, but I guess it means the end of summer.
Maybe things will slow down a bit. Early in the week, the seals were pretty scarce, however, on Thursday things got more interesting. We checked out the beach at Poipu first thing in the morning. we got there to find ad seal wandering around the pool and then hanging out at the keiki pool. it had been determined earlier that seals should be hazed out of the pool. We called the hot line and they decided to come down and haze K 18 off the beach. But as soon as they started down, he left the beach and went out to sea. We didn’t need to do anything and went home. However, at around 5:30 we got a call that there was a seal at the Keiki pool again. We went down and roped him off, and waited to see if he would be displaced. Our staff couldn’t get ahold of the lead scientist to get permission to displace him, so we were told to go home. About a half hour of being home, we were again called, and told that they now had permission. So back we went.

At 6:30 pm the crew showed up to chase the seal out. Charlie, me, the vet Mimi, and the head of the program, Jamie. Jamie had a big piece of plywood, Charlie and Mimi each a sign and I was assigned to explain to onlookers what we were doing. They don’t hurt the seal, but yell and crowd it to get its attention. This seal was a large (about 400 lbs, female) named 04DP. When she was crowded, she reared up and went after Jamie with her mouth wide open……it was pretty scary, onlookers truly recognized how dangerous this cute, cuddly looking creature could be if accosted…they aren’t normally aggressive, but can be if threatened. The intent is to try to keep the seals out of the Keiki pool, hoping to avoid any interaction with children.

I had started dinner twice and had to turn the stove off and put the food in the fridge twice……we finally ate around 8:30, but we successfully hazed (displaced) 04 DP from the Keiki pool. It ended up to be a 6 hour day of seals.

Wednesday I spent a couple of hours at the Tropical gardens working in the’s much more routine than the seals and a nice break. I also took a load of green waste to the “green dump” in the truck (it’s sure good that we brought our truck with us, it has been invaluable.) I usually stop at the Westside Pharmacy to get drugs for Comet when I go to Hanapepe, where the dump is located. It is the cutest place, an old barbers chair on the lanai gives the first hint of the atmosphere of the place. It’s like you stepped back in time to the 50’s. it is very tiny, has all kinds of stuff……
antiques, scattered about and all the staff knows everyone by name. Hanepepe is an extremely small town. I love to go there and I always have to sign for Comet when I pick up his drugs. They also have a pretty extensive inventory of homeopathic drugs available since the town is also an artist’s hangout.

Friday, as usual is spent with the pups at the north shore. This time the newest pup, N44 was playing with the three year old male, T12 for at least a half a hour before they both hauled up on shore and snuggled up to sleep.


We had quite a rainstorm while there so Charlie and I huddled under a bush until it stopped.

Actually when we were there on Monday the two pups, N30 and N44 were playing together…charming. And later, sleeping.


That beach is so very pretty and a tree happened to catch my eye, it obviously had been through many storms.


A brand new restaurant has opened down the street and we were lucky enough to be invited to attend their “soft opening” by virtue of our friendship with our neighbors, Peter and Kathy. Six of us went, including friends of Peter’s and Kathy’s, Joanie and Doug. Joanie is very good friends with the restaurant owner, and we were guests of honor. The restaurant is Italian, has a relatively small menu, has good prices for Kauai and is good! We anticipate eating there often.

On Saturday, most of the day was free but late in the day came a call that there was a seal at Poipu, we got there to see a seal swimming around and two volunteers from an older seal group (before NOAA got involved) watching. Eventually, W06 hauled up, we retrieved signs and ropes and helped set up a zone. We then left. This other group has been miffed that they’ve essentially been displaced (there’s that word again) from the seal activity. They apparently refused to sign on with the NOAA group, more or less a ‘sour grapes’ reaction. So when they’re on a beach when a seal comes up, they get real bossy and arrogant. So we usually take a step back to avoid a confrontation. I guess this is ‘beach politics’ at its pettiest.

Sunday became a free day so after our usual Hyatt sojourn, we went to Mahaulepu (one of our longtime favorite beaches) and hung out for a while ending at the archeological dig site, Makauwahi cave, the only limestone cave in Hawaii.


Both pictures are of Mahaulepu.

The cave.


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