Can’t believe it’s August

It’s been a pretty quiet week with the seals, we did our usual Monday stint with the pups, though the pups are now wandering further and further away and we don’t always see them, we did see N30 and another seal, K42 playing and wrestling in the water, however. They sure look like they’re having fun – just like two big otters!

After the pup sitting Monday we drove on up to Hanalei, we were astounded at the number of people up there, we thought that this was offseason. The bay is lovely, I could visualize George Clooney jogging down the beach from the movie The Descendants. We had lunch at the Dolphin and came back to Poipu.

Hanalei Bay below


Midweek with no seals up, we did a little sightseeing. There is a Hindu monastery up the mountain from Wailua and beyond that, an Arboretum my sister Kathy’s former neighbor, Pua, told us about.

It is a verdant picnic area, with a stream running through it, we forded the creek and drove a ways up a rutted road but turned back when it got really potholed. On the way back down the mountain, we stopped at a hindu sacred forest of Blue Marble trees (Eleocarpus ganitrus). We had never seen anything like them. See below – the trees produce seeds about an inch in diameter, and vibrant blue in color. Really weird! Note the Ganesh offerings.

Naturally, this excursion activated our taste buds for Indian food, so back down to the beach area (makai) we sampled the only Indian restaurant we’ve found in Kauai. And it was good!



The regular Wednesday gourmet farmers market and the cooking demo has become a habit, this week was a yummy CocoVaNana Dream Dessert. The chefs change each week and they always have samples. We discovered that the announcer ( who represents Kauai farmers) used to work for Americas Test Kitchen. We had a nice discussion with her (Celeste), and she told us a few stories about working with Chris Kimball and ATK. This week the chefs were from Hula Baby biscotti.


It takes place outside in a small beer and wine garden (with happy hour prices) – with the cheapest beer on the island.

Spoke too soon about the seals, Friday, our regular pup sitting schedule, was filled with seal duty. On our way back from the North Shore, we got a call that W06 had hauled up at Poipu. This was no problem until she decided to go into the Kekei pool. The seal folks mobilized the volunteers in the afternoon to “displace” her from the pool. This we had practiced a couple of weeks ago. First permission had to be obtained from Oahu, then everyone on the beach had to be informed what and why we were doing this, and the lifeguards had to announce warning people to get out of the water until it was done. Crowding boards of plywood were held by the vet and the supervisor of the seal response team. The rest of us were “outreach” explaining what was happening and why. Afterwards, I discovered that we were the guinea pigs, training seals to stay out of very busy beaches hadn’t been tried before anywhere in Hawaii. W06 did leave the beach, but then lolled around in the water for quite a long time…..we aren’t sure if it was a success or not. We were mainly trying to keep her out of the spot where so many small children hang out in the shallow water. We ended spending six hours on the beach.

We’ve been missing sweet corn and tomatoes, they all have been disappointing here, with most of these coming from the big island. But Saturday we went to a different Famers Market, and we found one vendor who grows sweet corn. Lunch was vegetarian. Yum!

Once a year the seals molt, usually after a pup is weaned, each seal sheds its skin with all of the algae and growth at one time. V52 is molting now. For about a week, the seal feels rotten and only lays on the sand until it is done and then is all clean and shiny. She looks pretty bad during this, but it is normal.


This week was the week that Paradise Landscape said they would come and start leveling our yard, the week is over and, typical of island time, when the surf is up, things take longer. Look at how nice our yard looks now….nice and brown.


The Coco Palms is finally being demolished. It has’t been occupied since being destroyed 20 years ago by hurricane Iniki. It’s quite an eye sore when you drive by. After a Hawaiian blessing, scads of workers started cutting brush on Friday. The investors only have a demolition permit at this time, but they claim that it will be rebuilt, though updated. The plans still need to be submitted to the county. Guess we toured the premises just in time.


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