Ah Summer

This week has sped by, the seals weren’t quite so restless this week we did get up to pup sit twice though. It seems every trip to do that takes at least six hours, one hour up, 1/2 hour to walk to the site (in deep sand), three hours there and repeat…then we always have to stop at Home Depot on the way back. Then at the end, the car is covered with red dirt and we have to wash it……or Charlie does. Pup, N30 is getting fat and sassy, I spent at least 1/2 hour watching him play with a stick. He’d throw it up, catch it, roll around with it and start over, he reminded me of an otter.

See how fat he looks


Friday afternoon, we told the seal hotline that we were unavailable and we went to Wailua to take a tour of the Coco Palms Resort. The Coco Palms was an incredible resort located on Kauai that personified tropical paradise. However, on September 11, 1992 hurricane Iniki hit Kauai and the Coco Palms closed. For the past 21 years people have been trying to reopen the resort but because of issues with building permits and the recession, it has been allowed to deteriorate. The tour was hosted by “Bob”,

Coco Palms was historically fascinating ……Bob told us about Esther Williams coming to star in Pagan Love Song, Elvis in Blue Hawaii, many famous people came to visit, Frank Sinatra, Mitzi Gaynor stayed there while filming South Pacific even Liberace came, it was quite the social center.
From the 1950s until Hurricane Iniki it was the quintessential tropical paradise.

Now it is a ghost of it’s former magnificence.
The lagoon where small boats floated Elvis and Esther below

The entrance to the dining room and bar

The inside of the bar.

Everything is being taken over by nature, after 20 years, it’s pretty shabby. Grace, the owner/manager even had imported large shells for the sinks in the rooms.


Over the years we’ve seen this resort deteriorate and finally had a chance to see it up close.
It was like visiting a faded ancient movie star. But what a history!

The property was supposed to be rebuilt but the permits were revoked because nothing had yet been done. Presently, it is the source of many newspaper articles and its future is unknown.

We have been noticing various flotsam appearing on the north side that has been identified as debris from the japanese tsunami two years ago. Note the clams and barnacles on the bottom…there is also Japanese writing on the debris.


The mangos are ripening again and the rainbow shower trees that line the road from Koloa to Poipu are magnificent, yellow, peach, and white. It seems something new starts blooming every week.

We are both looking forward to Koloa’s Plantation Days that starts next week. Supposedly it includes rodeos, a parade, historic hikes and lasts for 10 days.


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