This weather is the greatest

Last week in case you didn’t see it, the cell phone tower was the structure that looked like a tree. Branches were added to disguise it.

It struck me this week that I haven’t worn shoes since we got here, other than when running. It feels like I’m a kid again. So much time is spent on the beach and no one would dare wear shoes into a person’s house here, even a worker. Each outside door has a pile of shoes (flip flops) next to it. One reason, no doubt, is the red dirt that does’t clean up no matter what you do to scrub it off. An industry has arisen selling red dirt shirts, the red comes out so poorly . Houses and cars/trucks, all have a red tint on the bottom foot or two. I imagine that we’ll look the same in a couple of years.

It seems that seal watching is becoming major in our daily routine. With only about 7 volunteers on the south shore and 45 seals on the island, we are called frequently. This week has been particularly busy since there have been 2-3 seals up on Poipu Beach every day, arguably the busiest beach on the island. And two of these seals tend to hang out in the Keiki (children’s) pool. They haul up in the morning and stay all day. People tend to look upon them as “pets” and sometimes don’t respect that they are wild. One evening this week K31, the big male and K13, a female laid on the keiki pool beach all day, when K13 went out and K31 tried to follow, they had an altercation both reared up biting at each other…..the pool cleared instantly!

This “job” has been somewhat curtailed this week since first Charlie and then I came down with a 48 hour stomach flu. However, it will no doubt increase in the next month since two of the major volunteers will be on the mainland for two months. There won’t be any time for illnesses, as I’m sure we’ll be called every day.

We’ve been working on our yard, getting quotes to level it and put in edging and sprinklers. Plus we’re always picking up the palm fronds that fall as the leaves get old. This also necessitates a trip to the “green dump” at least once a week in Hanepepe, about 10 miles away (it’s good that we shipped our pickup truck here!). It was pointed out to us that our plantings appear to need more water. Since it rains almost every day (usually over night, and usually only for 15 minutes or so), we didn’t think we needed to water at all but in the summer (the dry season) the rain is light and doesn’t sink in very far. Since we started watering, the plants look much better and the lime tree is producing bigger limes. Water here is expensive – last month our bill was over $130. We were told that when new lawns are put in, the regular watering needed can run water bills up to $2000 a month! We are setting up a nice private picnic area under the big Monkeypod tree in back. Koloa is noted for its enormous Monkeypod trees that were introduced in 1825 by a Mr Yamagushi, a plantation store owner. They have a beautiful shape, but when the pods fall, they need to be raked up because they are quite sticky, and gum up the lawnmower. Since they are so characteristic of the village, it is almost impossible for anyone to get permission to cut one down.

The surf has been very high, so, of course, when I had a chance to try standup paddle boarding, I took it. It was pretty funny to see, I’m sure since I’d be up for around a minute, lose balance and run backwards off the board and fall in. Our neighbors that lent me the board were laughing uproariously at my attempts…I’ll need much more practice, maybe with less surf. Maybe next attempt will come complete with video!

Well, July 4th is this coming week. For years we’ve been invited to an annual party held at some friend’s house. We didn’t get invited this year. How quickly we’ve been forgotten! So I suppose we’ll spend the day with”our” seals.

Below is the view of a Monkeypod tree from our front lanai.


Also a view of our back yard Monkeypod tree.



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