Solstice week

The summer solstice is here and the tides are responding, with the moon also being full the tides are extra high. That means moving ropes around the seals frequently so that we don’t lose the signs. It has been a busy seal week. Not only did we have a volunteer meeting, but with the new pup only about a half mile from the older one, it means more hiking in ankle deep sand. Our legs are getting in good shape from all the hiking.

Mom number one, RO28, left her pup on Friday and we had pup duty on Saturday. I was quite concerned, afraid that he would be crying and searching for her, so a bit reluctant to go down to the beach. When we got to the beach, pup PK1 was no place to be seen. ( he and mom had been hanging out on a fairly small stretch of beach). We went farther north, checked out the newer pup, and then went back to the original beach spot and started walking south. We finally found him halfway back to the steep path we took down. For the next three hours he played in the shallows while we followed up and down, finally he went back to his home beach to sleep. My concerns were unfounded, he didn’t seem to miss mom at all.
Below is a picture of pup and mom two days before she left.

We got back to Poipu to be met with chaos, 3 seals on the beach……2 more hours of beach sitting. At 6, though, we took off and went to a friends for dinner.


This is pup the day after mom left… is lying next to a mom substitute.


All of the seal volunteer work is aimed at keeping the seals safe, and hoping that their numbers will increase. We use signs and ropes on public beaches to inform and to keep the public at a safe distance from the seals. But it always amazes us at the actions of a few people – Friday afternoon a woman ran around the signs and ropes, and laid down next to a sleeping seal so that her friend could take her picture. She was extremely fortunate that the seal didn’t attack her -seals have been known to bite people who get too close. This behavior is a challenge for the volunteers the first reaction is to grab the offender and slap them silly. Of course that isn’t acceptable. Fortunately we weren’t on the beach at that time, but we have to believe that our time will come.

Friday we went to a fund raiser put on by The Surf Riders. They clean up beaches at least once a month. We will probably participate occasionally. In fact, on Saturday we found some styrofoam from Japan on the pup beach. It was covered with barnacles and was about three feet by two feet, we put it on the pile of debris that Surf riders had made and will pick up later.
Take a look at the picture below – do you see the cell phone tower?


Our second banana harvest was this week, there are so many that we have to give lots away. They are apple bananas, smaller than the supermarket variety but I think better. The Papayas in our yard are also now ripening.

The week is over, many seals, beaches, rain and sunshine every day, work in the garden, gin and tonics on the lanai…..and sleep……heavenly!


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