Another week in Paradise

We are loving it! The work on our yard has started, the back yard has been so bumpy that it has been hard to mow without scalping it. So a landscaper is going to bring in sand to fill in the holes. In the meantime some of the plant leaves were curling, after consulting with a landscaper we discovered that even though it rains almost daily, at this time of the year ( the dry season) we need to water. I immediately went out and soaked said plants and the next day they looked fine.

We are also becoming some of the seal experts, I think that it is called “immersion training”. We are discovering too about the native resentment, some Hawaiians believe that the seals were brought in as a government plot, to destroy their fishing culture. The seals are the easiest to blame with the decrease in fish in the ocean rather than pollution and overfishing, and because they saw no seals when they were growing up, they must not be Hawaiian, but introduced. Quite sensitive and complex.

We spent a great deal of time on Poipu beach as well, since for a couple of days we had as many as three seals at a time there. This takes roping them off and explaining to “tourists mostly” why.

Since we didn’t get enough controversy with the seals, we went to a energy meeting in Kapaa on Thursday. The county of Kauai is very aggressive about becoming sustainable with the future goal to get off fossil fuels completely. The power is now generated using diesel fuel and the Mayor and a energy committee has been working to build photovoltaic systems, encouraging citizens to install solar hot water systems on their roofs, decreasing paper use in county administration, changing to electric cars, and even investigating burning methane from the landfills. It was quite an interesting meeting because attending was an active anti gas meters group that was focused on one issue. It does seem that Kauai is trying very hard to become sustainable.

On Friday Charlie got “demoted” to turtle sitting, when an old turtle came up on Poipu beach at the same time as K31. I sat by the seal while Charlie directed people around the turtle.

We had our regular stint with the pups on Saturday, the oldest one has become rolly polly….he looks bigger around than his mom, it probably won’t be long until she leaves, she is getting skinnier and skinnier. The contrast between him and the new pup is marked. On the way back from the north shore we got a call from the Seal Hot Line, asking us to ID a seal hauled up on another beach, so we trekked over to see who it was. It turned out to be one of the South Shore regulars, K13, my we are starting to recognize some of them.

Saturday evening we invited a neighbor couple over for dinner. We sat on our lanai with the breezes wafting over us with gin and tonics made with our own limes. It is phenomenal how good a gin and tonic tastes after a long day on the beach. I can hear the sighs of sympathy from here. This couple, from California owns the cutest little house around the corner from us named “The Koloa House” and we had a most lovely evening trading stories, or as is said on Kauii, “talking story”.
Here is a picture of the Koloa House. It looks so quaint.


Then Sunday we got the call that K31 was at Poipu, so we took our beach chairs down to the beach and watched him sleep. If only we could sleep so well!



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