We are Hawaiians now

Well, it’s official, we both now have Hawaiian drivers licenses, we had to take a test in order to get them, so we went in monday, took the test and we are officially residents. (Kama’aina)

We took our first step in (almost getting off the grid) by installing a solar water heater yesterday. Pretty interesting, one can monitor the temperature of water going into the panels on the roof, and also the temperature of water coming off the roof. When there are clouds the temperature is lower..Charlie, with his engineering background is making a spreadsheet, monitoring it.

This Friday we go through our official Monk Seal response team training, and we get our tee shirts. We’ve already had informal training by shadowing a volunteer for the past three weeks.

We had our Monk Seal Response training starting at 8 am today and didn’t leave the beach until 4:30 pm. Half way through the training, Monk Seal K31 pulled up on the beach so we roped him off, then heard that a seal had pulled up at the boat harbor so went up there to check her out, and since we now have our official tee shirts, we are outreach specialists and people come up with questions. We know quite a bit already. There a couple told us that there were two seals up at Spouting Horn that we went up to ID. One was the pregnant female K30 and the other her year old pup, L24. We are beginning to know each seal by, not only their tags, but also their scars.

We have harvested our first bananas from our tree…they are darned heavy.

And Archer was only too eager to help with the munching. Archer lives at the end of our street – he and his mom were visiting when we cut the bananas down.


We have so many bananas that I gave half to Archer’s parents, some to our next door neighbor and froze some for smoothies.

We are now official Monk Seal Response Team members and had our first job up at Larsons beach – watching the new mother and pup. It was a beautiful day, we had some shade, and in our shift not many visitors. Each shift is 3 hours. The pup is obviously growing rapidly, they claim 5 lbs a day, we noticed a difference from our first time there.


After we returned to Koloa, Donna, one of the other volunteers called to see if we could take another sign down to the boat harbor, a seal was resting there. While we were there a young couple from Texas came up to us to find more information and tell us, incidentally there were two seals up at Spouting Horn. One of our duties is to let the seal hotline know and try to identify it. They were way down on the rocks, the female K30 was easy to ID but not the other one. Donna climbed down, and determined which seal it was. We aren’t supposed to get close, as it can agitate the seals, so it’s mostly done with binoculars.

Donna assures us that this time of the year is real busy with births etc and it will calm down later.

The new solar water heater is really cranking out the hot water, on a sunny day it gets up to 160 or so, even on a cloudy day it can reach 150. We haven’t had to heat any water since we got it, but we have to test the water before we jump into the shower.

We still are doing ‘house work’, touching up the paint. We want to get some landscaper quotes for needed yard work, but it seems that they’re all too busy to even quote a project. Kind of frustrating. And we’re planning on installing solar PVC, so will probably sign a contract on that this week.

The mangoes are still plentiful, but now I’ve developed a rash, which I think is from the mango skin. So now I’m laying off mangoes for a few days, to see if the rash clears up.

Running has been hit or miss – seal baby sitting is taking time away from our normal routine (assuming you can have a normal routine after 5 weeks). My leg/back pain issues are almost completely healed, which is good.

So, that’s the news as we close out May on to June!
Just a pic to show the whole baby seal beside her mom.

Another picture showing the back of the “team” shirt and the warning sign.



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