The adventure continues

It is feeling like home now, a little furniture helps a lot, we now have a guest bedroom set up and it looks pretty good.

So we are ready in case anyone shows up. The big projects this week were, spreading more salt on the lawn, washing the house ( it was pretty dirty with the Kauai red dirt and the occasional vog), mowing the lawn, raking the monkey pod tree pods off the ground ( they are quite gummy when hit with the mower) and picking up our new Prius C. Pretty cool to monitor your gas mileage, we could have a competition to see who gets the best gas mileage.

I thought that folks might like to see the variety of flowers in our yard so posted below are samples.







Oh ya, that one isn’t a flower any more. There are many more of all different colors. Several people asked to see what the house looks like inside so. First, the living room (still getting a couple of recliners, a coffee table and side table)

Next the lanai

Then, the two (shaved) kitties looking out to the lanai.


Just in case you wondered what beautiful downtown Koloa looks like,

And looking the other way

The next big project is staining the fence and we started that today, Saturday. The rain and wind really take their toll and even though the fence isn’t that old it needed a facelift. Looks pretty good!

The last picture of the inside is the master bedroom, with the quilt my great grandma started, my grandma worked on and mom finished.


During one of the many trips into Lihue this week…..the one that we picked up the Prius…..we happened to mosey over to the county center, we were a bit eager to get the car and we were early.
What should we find but a Hawaiian ukulele concert? So we hung around for a while listening to singing, playing and hula dancing. An unexpected treat.


Another unexpected (treat?) are the Zumba lessons for 1.5 hours every Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday held right behind our house in the community center. It is quite loud, but at least it doesn’t last too long. Charlie is encouraging me to take up Zumba.


5 thoughts on “The adventure continues

  1. Sue, you are doing a great job of blogging. Thanks so much for including pictures of your new abode. I can see you are still working hard, but it is looking great. Zumba…..I’m trying to decide if you would like it. I think it might be too tame for you:) Maybe you could wear one of your oxygen tanks.

  2. Sue, I love the flowers at your new home. Missed you Thursday night when Tom took us to see the lilacs in the Arb. I’m running pretty good but I do miss you. Enjoy your new world.

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