One week in a tropical paradise

Well we have made it one and a half weeks. We are learning to negotiate island time every day. It seems that we have to wait in line for almost everything…….including traffic.

The week is a blur, though we are starting to feel like we are in a home instead of just a house. We have met the most charming neighbors, a young couple with a small child named Archer. They came over early in the week with a bottle of wine to welcome us to the neighborhood, and to invite us to dinner the next night. Presently there are only two houses occupied full time, theirs and ours, the other two are seasonal. Owen is an ER doctor in Lihue and Melissa takes care of their son. We spent a pleasant evening with them on their lanai. They are also both avid surfers. Plus they go to bed early and get up early – we have a lot in common.

The weather has been quite warm and humid, we have discovered this happens when the trade winds die down and we get winds from the south. They also allow some of the vog to come north
from the big island (vog is a combination of fog and volcanic dust). We also discovered that the black soot collects on the window screens……letting us spend some time washing windows and screens of 3 years of accumulated dirt. We’ve also added under cabinet lights in the kitchen, which adds a lot of light. Plus today we put screen doors on our French doors leading to the lanai. We now get a nice breeze through the whole house.

Since the weather has been quite warm, the cats were lolling around in the bathtub or on the wood floors to stay cool. So we took them to Whiskers Resort, a cat and dog “spa” to get a haircut. Of course everyone was amazed at the size of Comet, especially. The same thing happened when we took the two to their new vet, Dr Nishimoto, everyone had to come and see the monster cats.
See the before and after pics below.




We did take a break in the middle of the week to check out the beach and have a brewski. A 22 ounce Longboard by the beach cures a lot of headaches!

After multiple trips to Costco, Home Depot, K mart, Aloha Furniture, and Aspire furniture, we have a guest room bed, a mattress, a grill, lawn mower, and a clothing chest. Plus we have 2 recliners and a coffee table on order. They should be here before fall (well, in 6 to 8 weeks); so we are getting ready for company. We also visited some medical clinics, trying to decide where to spend our hard earned Medicare dollars. We think we found one, now to see if they’re taking new patients.

We’ve been working on the yard. After years in Wisconsin and learning how to handle a prairie burn, how to fertilize etc. this is a new one on us………we treat the weeds by spreading salt on them. We’ve been buying pool salt in 40 pound bags, and spreading it by hand. The grass is seashore grass which is very salt tolerant, so spreading salt kills the weeds but not the seashore grass. Who knew? 🙂 We’ve also contacted the Hawaii equivalent Diggers Hotline, as Charlie wants to smooth out the yard after the weeds are killed. I assume this means that we’ll have to rent a roto-tiller at Home Depot. (Moving to avoid shoveling snow is starting to seem like a lot of work!!!)


2 thoughts on “One week in a tropical paradise

  1. Sue-Sounds like a lot of work, but mostly fun work getting settled in a new place. Happy to hear the trip over went well. I think spring has finally arrived here. We’re heading north tomorrow, but not sure why as we still have snow up there. Enjoying reading about your adventure.


  2. A blog! You are so tech saavy. It’s a great idea. You two certainly have been working hard since you arrived, but it will be worth it. It sounds beautiful and, indeed, paradise. What a huge time zone difference! I’m happy to hear the cats, truck, and boxes made it safely. Stupid, defected cable box had to put a wrench into your time, but you are learning the island! Thanks for posting–I’ll keep checking in! Hi Charlie!

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