We are settled?

Well, we have been in Koloa for four days and they have been hectic! We arrived Wednesday with the two cats, and miracle of miracles, we did everything right. It took a hour first to find the humane society person to check us in, and while Charlie went to get a rental car, I stood in the shade of the terminal with the cats enjoying the soft balmy breeze of Kauai. Our realtor met us with gorgeous leis and handed us the keys to our new home.


We drove to Koloa to be met with boxes stacked to the ceiling at the house. However, first we had to get the cats settled, they had been traveling for three days. They did really well traveling, but I’m sure that they were happy to have arrived. Second, with had to inflate the air mattress bed that we had left in February. After digging through a couple of boxes, we found sheets and two throw pillows and could hardly stay awake long enough to eat something, so we had a couple of beers. We hit the air mattress and went to sleep with the trade winds blowing over us and a full moon….I think that it was a sign.

Day two, we woke up several times and finally for good at 3:30 am….the time change is 5 hours….and started unpacking while waiting for Oceanic Time Warner cable to hook up our Internet and TV. We still had no tv or any furniture. The nicest fellow came, worked outside, in the future office and the living room, and left after about an hour. We then had to go to Pier 2 to get our truck. We had to provide ID and sign a bunch of papers and return our rental car so that we didn’t have to pay for an extra day. Of course the next step was to go to Costco, the first of many trips, to go to KMart and look at lanai furniture, go to Home Depot to check it our too, go to Otsuka Furniture, go to Aloha Furniture and make final arrangements to have the bed delivered. While at Aloha, we found a sofa we liked and an entertainment center, then to the Bank of Hawaii to get our accounts set up. We got home and decided that we wanted both, called the store and bought them. Since Aloha was delivering the table, chairs, and bed the next day, we then could get them put on the same truck ( cheaper than two trips). The rest of the day and night were spent slitting boxes open and unpacking, piling packing paper into boxes, and flattening the rest to be picked up by the moving company. By 8 pm, I was exhausted and fell into bed….Charlie stayed up a little longer and we were again lulled to sleep with the sound of the Trades.

Day three, we slept a little later, until 4 am, and after grabbing a cup of coffee, drinking it while sitting on one of our camp chairs on the Lanai, again unpacked until it was time for stores to open. This day was going to be really busy since the furniture from Aloha was to be delivered between 1-4 thus we had to get back and at 5, our mattress was to be delivered by Aspire Furniture. We still didn’t have a TV or lanai furniture so we spent the morning first at KMart, where we bought the lanai chairs and love seat, then at Costco, where we got a humongous TV. Amazing! We got four chairs, a love seat, and the TV into the back of the pickup …….and it didn’t rain on us. We got back to the house with a half hour to spare.

The bed has a bookcase in the headboard and the movers had quite the time getting it down our narrow hall and into the bedroom ……….especially since they had to take their shoes off (Hawaiian custom). The couch was put in place, as was the table and chairs, and they were done just as the mattress came. Yippee we have a bed! A real bed! More unpacking while Charlie tried to get the TV set up. It didn’t work! Soooooo I called the cable network (who the phone tree said was “having delays”) and after one full hour, while I unpacked more boxes with my phone on speaker, got a person that said the cable box was defective. So we had to take it into the office in Lihue the next day. Around sunset Jamey, the person from whom we bought the house stopped by and we sat on the Lanai on the love seat that Charlie had just put together and shared Fosters beers while he gave us the lowdown on the plants in the yard and info on trash pickup etc. I had washed the bed sheets earlier in the day so, after the bed was made, about 10 pm, went to sleep. We both felt that the mattress was heavenly and slept until 6.

Day 3 we had wanted to stay at home but wanted to get a new cable box so we drove into Lihue again, replaced the box then went to Ace Hardware, got a garbage can, then on to Home Depot where we got general supplies, a lawn mower, two shelving sets, two palm trees and a Croton for the deck.

Down the street from us is a little truck that sells Mexican food called Chalupa, so we stopped there for a fresh fish taco and a chalupa – really, really good…..we will go back there often. The afternoon was spent putting the shelves together, unpacking more boxes, and stocking the shelves. Finally the house is starting to look like a home. But the car port is definitely full of cardboard and boxes.



Day4. Sunday

Charlie installed under cabinet lights in the kitchen ( It was really dark ), put the lawn mower together and we went snorkeling at Poipu Beach. This afternoon we will have gin and tonics on the lanai. Or beer! There’s a nice breeze there, and Charlie has been relaxing on the love seat playing sudoku and drinking a Fosters. We bought Fosters because it was on sale – prices are high enough here that it doesn’t pay to have brand loyalty. Just loyalty to the monthly sale item.
Time now to wander over to Sueoka’s grocery store (there are two groceries within walking distance – we’re developing a fondness for Sueoka’s). This is an older store, owned by Japanese, but has a neighborhood appeal. We may have to learn Japanese as well as Hawaiian!



Our front porch this morning and Poipu Beach this afternoon.


5 thoughts on “We are settled?

  1. Your blog is a great idea and I’m really going to enjoy living, vicariously, on Kauai with you, just as I “lived” in Delhi with you many years ago. Despite the hard work these past few days, you must feel like you’re in heaven. I can’t wait to visit!

  2. Thanks for the update, neighbors! Love the idea of keeping in touch with you. We’ve had a little bad luck, as we had to put Ayla (the big white dog) down last week. It was her time. Please keep blogging.

    • We are sorry about your loss, she was having more and more problems getting around, but it is still hard to lose a member of your family. Don’t forget, we have an extra bedroom.

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